Translation of unchallengeable in Spanish:


irrefutable, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈtʃalɪn(d)ʒəb(ə)l//ˌənˈtʃæləndʒəbəl/


  • 1

    (proof/evidence) irrefutable
    (evidence/proof) irrebatible
    (evidence/proof) incontrovertible
    (right/integrity) incuestionable
    (integrity/right) indiscutible
    (position/lead) insuperable
    • Government officials have also challenged high court rights to have any review power over the issue of detention or preventative orders, declaring that the regime's authority is absolute and unchallengeable.
    • U.S. policymakers have succumbed to hubris in the false belief that American dominance is an unchallengeable fact of international life.
    • However, that it is now a constitutional document of some sort is an unchallengeable assertion within the New Zealand context.
    • I didn't know what to make of the unchallengeable fact that some of the police officers said their views had been sharpened by on-the-street experience of dealing with ethnic minorities.
    • It was hospitable to the idea of the leader whose godlike vision is authoritative and unchallengeable.
    • Scripture used in this way, with supposed supernatural authority, is unchallengeable.
    • These powers include unrestricted and essentially unchallengeable authority to arrest and kill people in ‘carrying out their duties.’
    • The dissolution of the Soviet Union leaves the US as the planet's unchallenged and unchallengeable superpower - not just in the military and ideological sense, but in economics, technology and popular culture.
    • Surely the unchallengeable fact is that Wiltshire County Council, after a considerable period of negotiation, consultation, and debate, decided on the Eastern route as their preferred option.
    • Now they expect to hold an unchallengeable contest to revoke the president's mandate and those of the 29 representatives in the National Assembly that remain committed to him.
    • The USA is already unchallengeable in terms of military power.
    • Parliaments in the English tradition are fiercely protective of their constitutional supremacy and they are unchallengeable masters of their own proceedings.
    • In the ad, a Navy crewmate says, ‘He had unfailing instinct and unchallengeable leadership.’
    • The President's rule is effectively unchallengeable, though, even without his party's huge parliamentary majority.
    • He felt God-like, a deity with the power and life and death and unchallengeable invulnerability.
    • The demise of the USSR, they declared, created for the United States the opportunity to establish an unchallengeable global hegemony.
    • The U.S. was so pre-eminent in military power as to be unchallengeable in any serious way, but it was also widely admired and emulated.
    • Within the party his position is unchallengeable.
    • This privileged status in the industrial relations system was unchallengeable for many years, allowing the Histadrut to define and dictate the scope of conditions of employment in the economy.
    • What is more, the story has situated him in an afterlife which guarantees his terms: he knows about time and language because he is in the unchallengeable position of having transcended them both.