Translation of Uncle Tom in Spanish:

Uncle Tom

(el) Tío Tom, n.

Pronunciation ///ˌəŋkəl ˈtɑm/


  • 1

    (el) Tío Tom
  • 2US derogatory, slang

    negro norteamericano que tiene una actitud servil para con los blancos
    • And if you're a black man, they'll call you sometimes, an Uncle Tom, or they'll say that you've fallen for the white man's religion.
    • I believe that in the old world of civil rights you'd be termed an Uncle Tom.
    • ‘I am not an Uncle Tom,’ he insisted, showing how deeply that taunt had cut him over the years.
    • And at the same time, speaking to black America, he branded Frazier an Uncle Tom, turning him into an object of derision and scorn.
    • Huey Freeman of ‘Boondocks’ has always been an Uncle Tom.
    • He was a cartoon, an offensive stereotype, an Uncle Tom, the literary creation of a white author with an obvious regional agenda.
    • Their families moved north during the 1920s, and each was derided as an Uncle Toms during the militant 1960s.
    • Obviously his family, his coming from a black family, it was easier for them to shout treason, or call him an Uncle Tom and consequently has family too might be affected.
    • To promote their fights, the champ explained to the New York Times, he had called Frazier an Uncle Tom and even likened him to a gorilla.
    • White pols want you to run, but white voters forget to vote for you, while black voters figure you're an Uncle Tom.
    • Some decried him as an Uncle Tom, but no American of the Fifties - not Chuck Berry or Harry Belafonte - did more to unite black and white.
    • He better hope that, because Lowery pretty much called anyone who would vote for him an Uncle Tom.
    • It really is easy to be racist when you've got black people doing the racism for you, when you've got some Uncle Toms, if you like.
    • He was awful to Joe Frazier, making him out to be an Uncle Tom.
    • Look at my work on civil rights and you'll see I'm the opposite of an Uncle Tom.
    • I expect him to be an Uncle Tom, but his statements were fairly balanced.
    • But once upon a time in the 19th century, someone who had been called an Uncle Tom would not have been insulted - he would have taken it as a compliment of the highest order.
    • Stewart says that he is being called an Uncle Tom by gay blacks.
    • As for Johnson's calling his brother an Uncle Tom, Tiki Barber said: ‘That just proves to me what kind of person he is.’
    • Thurgood Marshall said, ‘All Cole needs to complete his role as an Uncle Tom is a banjo.’