Translation of uncleared in Spanish:


no compensado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈklɪəd//ˌənˈklɪrd/


  • 1

    (check) no compensado
    • The pay-in slip, however, contained a note to the effect that the bank reserved to itself the right to defer payment of cheques against uncleared effects which may have been credited to the account.
    • It can become a holder for value by permitting its customer to draw against an uncleared cheque.
    • The scheme will offer services like at par demand drafts, faster collection of cheques, drawing against uncleared effects, instant credits on cheques and electronic funds transfer.
    • Even though they may appear immediately on your statement, you may incur interest charges and fees if you draw against uncleared cheques.
    • You should then go through your bank statement, and check the uncleared transactions against the transactions on the statement.
    • It was supposed to be paid at the beginning of the month, but uncleared cheques meant that it turned up in my inbox several days later - unpaid.
  • 2

    (land/forest) cubierto de vegetación
    • If uncleared land is valued less than cleared land (for rating or taxing purposes), there is some incentive to preserve vegetation.
    • In Canada, seigneuries were divided into long-lot farms larger than peasant holdings in France, much of them, in the first generations, uncleared forest.
    • The department would also help people who had suffered the consequences of fire, resulting from uncleared invasive alien vegetation, to take civil action against those responsible.
    • In uncleared areas, Nobbi dragons are common, but in remnant vegetation in central New South Wales, the picture isn't so rosy.
    • You'll have to get fairly baroque in the side chains before you'll find any uncleared territory.
    • A system of economically specialized zones suited the under-developed countryside, with its sharp geographical contrasts and large areas of uncleared common pasture.
    • He looked around the garden which was familiar to him from photographs and films from the initial stages of landscaping and even prior to that, when the Saadhu first settled down here in the uncleared jungle.
    • Elisabeth found herself with a straggle of colonists in a mosquito-ridden, uncleared jungle where sandflies bored into the skin of the feet and the clay soil was so intractable that nothing would grow.
    • I was fortunate to grow up on the Swan Coastal Plain, near Perth, in the forties and fifties when much of the land was still uncleared.
    • Two replicates of each size (six plots) remained in uncleared continuous forest, and served as the unfragmented control plots.
    • is the word used since the beginnings of European settlement to describe the rough, uncleared country in the Australian interior and, later, the ways of life and folk traditions of those who lived there.
    • An abundance of uncleared public and private lands, and unclear title to lands throughout the country, helped to make these reforms successful.
    • In 1910 my grandfather moved, with his parents, from rural England to rural Western Australia, where they purchased an area of uncleared land near the wheatbelt town of Wickepin.
    • They were no other than venomous snakes, which have found the uncleared backyard of the hospital a safe place to live in.
    • He heard it fly through the air and shred branches and leaves as it entered into the uncleared brush and trees.