Translation of unclothed in Spanish:


desnudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkləʊðd//ˌənˈkloʊðd/



  • 1

    • It needed to stir the imagination the way acres of unclothed nubile young bodies had in the nudie cutie movie.
    • He said people shopping with their children were embarrassed by the poster and many felt the unclothed Sophie wasn't suitable viewing for the festive season.
    • Yes, everyone's a beautiful person inside, and we're all wonderful just the way we are, but his unclothed body in a mirror directly above his head was a little unsettling.
    • He spat at Esteban as he and his unclothed companion strode quickly toward the front door.
    • Staff at the South Infirmary Hospital were alerted on Monday to the unclothed baby girl lying in a blue hold-all on the boot of an Audi car.
    • On the way, he locked the door to make sure no one accidentally came upon them unclothed.
    • Hualien police said they found two unclothed female corpses on a riverbed yesterday.
    • Other photographs showed unclothed prisoners shackled to their cells with hoods or women's underwear over their heads.
    • Lathrop's care in describing the figures as ‘undraped’ rather than nude is indicative of the complicated moral territory occupied by the unclothed human body in art.
    • Strictly speaking, the comparison is between an unclothed individual moving through calm air at a brisk walking pace and that same individual moving through wind.
    • At this late date in the history of Victorian studies, no one is going to be surprised by a Victorian interest in the unclothed figure.
    • The thief looks at the unclothed, bruised and bloodied body of Jesus, hanging in pitiful humiliation, and sees his glorious Saviour and mighty King.
    • They were both unclothed.
    • The former is a small canvas that represents a hairless, unclothed doll propped on a white tabletop.
    • Stories about a wild man - often envisioned as an unclothed man, hairy and incorrigible as a beast - were widespread in medieval Europe.
    • In 1854, however, the unexpected but long-desired occurred: a truly unclothed woman on a horse crashed the pageant, creating pandemonium, and suspending the pageant for a full eight years.
    • I tried to turn away still embarrassed at my unclothed state.
    • In Greece, nude referred to the unclothed body of a man.
    • I grabbed the cloak and wrapped it around my unclothed body.
    • They see him in one role only: the stern disciplinarian driven by an unshakable belief that God and he are as one, a man so prudish he can't tolerate unclothed statuary.