Translation of uncomfortable in Spanish:


incómodo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkʌmf(ə)təb(ə)l//ˌənˈkəmftərbəl//ˌənˈkəmfərdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (bed/position) incómodo
    this chair's very uncomfortable esta silla es muy incómoda
    • are you uncomfortable in that chair/jacket? ¿estás incómodo en ese sillón/con esa chaqueta?
    • new shoes always feel uncomfortable at first los zapatos nuevos siempre son incómodos al principio
    • I was waiting on an uncomfortable plastic chair to be seen by a nurse.
    • Climate change made the wearing of bushy white beards uncomfortable as well as impractical.
    • I am always physically uncomfortable because of all the blue make-up I have to wear.
    • The test can take from 10 minutes up to half an hour and can be slightly uncomfortable.
    • The entire notion of me lying in a hospital bed terrifies me, no wonder I find this bed uncomfortable.
    • It is most uncomfortable craning one's neck whilst trying to watch the game.
    • The last camp is cut into a rockface and is supplied with an Islamic library and three uncomfortable beds.
    • The seats may be uncomfortable and the music too assertive but we don't care!
    • This type of scraping biopsy can be uncomfortable but not painful so no anaesthetic is required.
    • Last weekend was very hot and no matter where or what you did it was uncomfortable.
    • Rebecca leaned back in her rather uncomfortable wooden chair and folded her arms across her chest.
    • This is an uncomfortable condition caused by overuse, strain or a tear in a tendon.
    • Angela had tried a variety of treatments in a bid to ease the horse's uncomfortable condition.
    • Lying in this position may be slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be painful.
    • The flight back was very uncomfortable, and I had to take a lot of painkillers.
    • It's not that it's been hot so much as the very high humidity that's made me feel darned uncomfortable.
    • The angle of the seat is odd and Akra Jr always looks slightly uncomfortable sitting in it.
    • Also the heat in the office was said to have reached an extremely uncomfortable level.
    • She could laugh and smile at things she enjoyed and cry if uncomfortable or in pain but could do little to help herself.
    • Although colic is not thought to be due to pain, a baby with colic may look uncomfortable or appear to be in pain.
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    an uncomfortable silence un silencio incómodo / violento
    • I felt uncomfortable there no me sentía a gusto allí
    • to make things uncomfortable for sb crearle dificultades / problemas a algn
    • I know that sounds weird and I'm a bit uncomfortable about having it in print but it's the truth.
    • It was a topic that I was uncomfortable with as who wants to talk structure with friends.
    • Miller was obviously uncomfortable with the questions and shifted in his chair.
    • Conditions get slightly uncomfortable and all politeness flies out the window.
    • As was always the case in company, he appeared uncomfortable and slightly aloof.
    • The conversation can often be uncomfortable and the disagreements are here to stay.
    • I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of these psychologists analysing my responses.
    • At first she found him pleasant, but then he started to make her feel uncomfortable, the court heard.
    • A master of image and mood, he seems deeply uncomfortable with dialogue and structure.
    • For good people it is very uncomfortable to be in the presence of someone in pain and not be able to do anything about it.
    • It is manifest in the wish for pain to go away; or the dismissal of some uncomfortable idea.
    • They made you laugh but feel rather uncomfortable at the same time and comedy should do that occasionally.
    • I ended up occupying the end of the bar and nursing a Guinness and feeling decidedly uncomfortable.
    • It is, to say the least, uncomfortable seeing such pain inflicted on an innocent man.
    • The figure looked unbearable uncomfortable as he shoved his hands in his pockets.
    • People often feel uncomfortable with that concept, but I don't have a problem with it.
    • I will go back to change it to the default one immediately if this made you uncomfortable.
    • You can tell Brett is slightly uncomfortable as the five of us travel up in the lift to the second floor.
    • Such a request would also represent a recognition of an uncomfortable fact.
    • Closer analysis of why I find this funny leads to the uncomfortable conclusion that I am a bigot.
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    (reminder) molesto
    (reminder) desagradable