Translation of uncommercial in Spanish:


poco comercial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkəˈmərʃəl//ʌnkəˈməːʃ(ə)l/


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    poco comercial
    the village is unspoiled and uncommercial el pueblo no está nada estropeado ni comercializado
    • These were independent works, shot mostly with actors unknown outside Denmark, dismissed as perverse and uncommercial and thus poorly distributed beyond Europe.
    • A few indies have stood out, but works of significant art, or important social comment, have been largely seen as uncommercial.
    • It's highly uncommercial to have the story meander like this without narrative momentum.
    • The trade-off is, I get to go make something uncommercial that will probably lose money.
    • It was Korda's own favourite of his films, but the downbeat story of an artist at odds with society was uncommercial, and with two flops in a row and large new studios at Denham to run, Korda temporarily hung up his directorial hat.
    • Dorati was working on Decca at the time to let him record all 104 symphonies by the uncommercial Joseph Haydn.
    • I did feel pressure to make the movie personal and idiosyncratic, even if it meant being uncommercial or making some viewers scratch their heads and go, ‘What the hell was that?’
    • Joel's idea was that if you spent one cent per e-mail then spamming would become uncommercial.
    • Marginal discoveries are those that would appear to be uncommercial to develop using traditional methods but are perhaps economically attractive should some innovative ideas be applied.