Translation of uncompetitive in Spanish:


poco competitivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkəmˈpɛdədɪv//ʌnkəmˈpɛtɪtɪv/


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    (industry/prices) poco competitivo
    • Unless it is managed better by both parties, they predict that the new deal will render organizations uncompetitive.
    • Is this recession purely cyclical, or are we seeing a repeat of the 1970s, when uncompetitive industries were winnowed out?
    • He also expressed concern about the South, which he feels is becoming uncompetitive.
    • Such comparisons show Ireland for what we have become, a high-cost, uncompetitive economy.
    • This legacy of government intervention and private monopoly has left Ireland with numerous uncompetitive sectors of the economy and a widespread culture of anti-consumer behaviour.
    • Now look at how the Zambian industry has collapsed due to the same policies which have made the sector become uncompetitive with other countries in the region.
    • Maloney said that one of the major effects of the dotcom implosion was to rid the market of unprofitable and uncompetitive firms.
    • No wonder we are becoming commercially uncompetitive with other nations.
    • Polyester manufacturing has become uncompetitive in high cost economy of the developed countries.
    • So there's less reason for companies to stick with uncompetitive locations.
    • In the worst-case scenario, the shuttering of Italy's uncompetitive industry could send unemployment soaring and trigger a long recession.
    • Evan as wine shipments appear to be opening, the NY retail scene remains uncompetitive because of blue laws.
    • Many countries, including Japan, Brazil and the EU, believe that the US uses these anti-dumping measures to protect its uncompetitive domestic steel industry from foreign competition.
    • Meanwhile, NBG is pulling back from Western Europe by closing uncompetitive branches in Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam.
    • In reality, many markets are uncompetitive and customers may have very little choice.
    • Europe is sometimes perceived as a region which is internationally uncompetitive.
    • It said the T3, which is a relatively uncompetitive machine, represented competition if only because of its installed base.
    • It has been under constant pressure from international financial circles to end the practice of stepping in with public funds to bail out uncompetitive and failing corporate entities.
    • As a result, he says, ‘we've become drastically uncompetitive.’
    • Could auto manufacturing become the 21st century equivalent of Germany's coal industry, uncompetitive and destined to collapse?