Translation of uncomplicated in Spanish:


sin complicaciones, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒmplɪkeɪtɪd//ˌənˈkɑmpləˌkeɪdəd/


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    (relationship/lifestyle) sin complicaciones
    (character/style) poco complicado
    (style/character) sencillo
    • It was a song which typified Slim's simple and uncomplicated way of looking life in the eye.
    • It was a simple goal, as uncomplicated as Motherwell's no-messing approach.
    • He is clearly a simple, uncomplicated man and he clearly would like to do what is right.
    • It ought to be clear that life on the medieval manor was simple and uncomplicated.
    • You had to smile. It was an uncomplicated moment of simple happiness.
    • At first glance this bill is a reasonably straightforward and uncomplicated piece of legislation.
    • It had been so long since she saw him smile such a simple, uncomplicated smile for her.
    • The tune and the lyrics are simple and uncomplicated, yet it has an infective rhythm and melody.
    • For the first time there is an uncomplicated simple way for people to politically express their racism.
    • Keep things simple and uncomplicated or you can land in a conflict.
    • It will make the reforms we have known to date seem simple and uncomplicated.
    • Battle was only a momentary distraction, a simple, uncomplicated escape from the troubles of his life.
    • Nathalie Press plays Mona with straightforward, uncomplicated conviction.
    • Some things in life are so simple, so uncomplicated, you can't help but sit back with a big grin and admire them.
    • These songs are uncomplicated, their delivery simple and charming.
    • The title track is the anthem, their theme song - so uncomplicated, so straightforward.
    • It seems much more likely that he writes movie scripts for the simple, uncomplicated reason that he loves film.
    • This can be seen in stainless steel or brushed aluminium in uncomplicated, unadorned and simple shapes.
    • Our movement does not seek to conceal the hard truth that there is no simple and uncomplicated answer to the great problems of our age.
    • His training sessions are not decorated with innovative drills; they are simple and uncomplicated.