Translation of uncompromising in Spanish:


inflexible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈkɑmprəˌmaɪzɪŋ//ʌnˈkɒmprəmʌɪzɪŋ/


  • 1

    (attitude/opponent) inflexible
    (attitude/opponent) intransigente
    she is an uncompromising separatist es una separatista a ultranza
    • Put the other way around, the respondent is more likely to be dogmatic, technical and uncompromising.
    • It worked, on the whole, but there are still a few things which push my buttons, and uncompromising arrogant tossers are one of them.
    • Acerbic and subjective he was, but also candid and uncompromising.
    • Common to both was Hearts being uncompromising and unwilling simply to allow Celtic to dictate.
    • Those who are argue we're using up all of Earth's goodies are just as uncompromising as those who argue we'll never run out.
    • It would appear that the new order of Catholicism is as equally inflexible and uncompromising, as the old order would appear to be.
    • Levein's opinions, honest and uncompromising, have been a hallmark of his reign.
    • She also has the integrity to remain uncompromising in the refusal to acknowledge opinions that are not grounded in truth.
    • She is a woman who is single-minded, forceful and uncompromising.
    • For a party with such a pleasant public image, they have ruffled some feathers with their uncompromising constituency campaigns.
    • Samples of its uncompromising micronarrative style are easy to pick.
    • You will be sharp and uncompromising; your minds will have been forged into lethal weapons.
    • The company believes its reputation for uncompromising quality is one of its most valuable assets.
    • German Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, is known as a traditionalist with uncompromising views.
    • Discerning, astute, uncompromising, his leadership inspired one to venture against all odds.
    • An uncompromising champion of royal authority, he was sympathetic to victims of its abuse by corrupt courtiers.
    • The Reagan doctrine was an uncompromising policy to win a global struggle between good and evil.
    • In this case the voters' opinions are highly polarized, and the candidates are uncompromising.
    • The words, restless and uncompromising, ask you to wake up, to change your life, to find a better way to live.
    • It made him single-minded and uncompromising, and he was not known for his geniality.