Translation of unconsciousness in Spanish:


inconsciencia, n.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɒnʃəsnəs//ˌənˈkɑn(t)ʃəsnəs/


  • 1

    inconsciencia feminine
    • The blackout victim is in an extremely dangerous position at the point of unconsciousness.
    • Instantly, the visiting fighter is on top of his prone opponent and quickly smashes him into unconsciousness with fierce blows to the face.
    • At last he faded into his final unconsciousness.
    • Without defense, even Judo greats can be chocked into unconsciousness by a white belt student.
    • All you have to look forward to now is unconsciousness.
    • On the second day of her sickness, she began to run a fever and fell into unconsciousness four times.
    • The resultant unconsciousness from a severe hit to the back of the head from a coffee table led to an epiphany which has changed his life.
    • Less frequently, weakness or paralysis of a limb or limbs, or unconsciousness, may occur.
    • A good strangulation hold should render the opponent unconsciousness without injury or significant pain in a matter of seconds regardless of whom the opponent is.
    • There must have been an interval of absolute unconsciousness, seconds or minutes.
    • Normally, such patients are known to have heart disease, which is the cause for unconsciousness.
    • Some of his characters seem to be in a state of amnesia or unconsciousness.
    • Blood pressure may drop to dangerously low levels, causing unconsciousness.
    • An open microphone over the next six minutes revealed the progressive deterioration of the pilot toward unconsciousness.
    • Viewers eventually called the police, but only after he had lapsed into unconsciousness.
    • He pressed down the pain and fought against unconsciousness.
    • Exposure to higher concentrations results almost immediately in disorientation and unconsciousness.
    • Then a metal rod touched his bare shoulder, electrocuting him into unconsciousness.
    • I slipped under the light sheets with her and joined her in complete unconsciousness.
    • Darcy briefly toyed with the idea of feigning unconsciousness.
  • 2

    unconsciousness of sth
    • his unconsciousness of having insulted us was clear estaba claro que no era consciente de habernos insultado
    • Jim's figurative decapitation could thus be regarded as a literal interpretation of this ideal of racial unconsciousness.
    • But in my unconsciousness I didn't know what it meant.
    • Yet they were sung with a kind of naivete and unconsciousness.
    • In all their class unconsciousness they merely agitated for improvements in the social sickness that caused the problems initially.
    • The eighth song is about impetuousness and unconsciousness of teenagers.