Translation of unconstrained in Spanish:


espontáneo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkənˈstreɪnd//ʌnkənˈstreɪnd/


  • 1

    (rejoicing/joy) espontáneo
    unconstrained by conventional morality libre de las ataduras de la moral convencional
    • The reactions giving rise to zircon growth are generally unspecified and unconstrained.
    • The ‘freeholder’ was thought of as an independent voter exercising his legal rights unconstrained by the lure of political parties or threats.
    • This political apathy enabled the ruling elites to exercise their authority unconstrained by popular pressure.
    • This dogma is supposed to free the writerly side of one's brain for unconstrained truth-telling.
    • It was less than 20 dollars, and had mould growing apparently unconstrained on the ceiling, and a ceiling fan, two single beds and a small television.
    • The problem for government is to avoid constraining that which, if unconstrained by government, is free.
    • Being a true gentleman, I wouldn't have mentioned it but Ann proceeded to tell every person she met about it, so I feel entirely unconstrained!
    • The useless surplus is the surplus of freedom itself, the margin of free production unconstrained by production for necessity.
    • They are enthusiasts for the notion that the United States has become a New Rome, a colossus unconstrained by any values, loyalties or ideals of international law.
    • The net has created a world where communication is unconstrained by geographical, temporal or political borders.
    • Thinkers are unconstrained by base political considerations.
    • For many the case has confirmed that the army is now unconstrained by the wishes of its civilian masters.
    • Souter's money has bought around half the billboard sites in Ayr, unconstrained by the tight rules on campaign expenditure because it is not representing any one candidate.
    • There was unconstrained joy when it was announced that a former British Airways Concorde would be taking pride of place at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.
    • Her snappy asides, unconstrained mix of observational humour and rants on life's irritations make for lucid, compulsive viewing.
    • Labour was treated like any other commodity, whose price was best set through a free unconstrained labour market.
    • Barnave rejects rigidity as strongly as he condemns the wild flights of unconstrained imagination.
    • We romanticize the unconstrained individual: the Lone Ranger.
    • Surely soaring house prices cannot be allowed to continue unconstrained.
    • The ability to mix and match tracks in playlists unconstrained by the limitations of vinyl records or CDs could undermine the notion of the album as a coherent collection of music.