Translation of uncontaminated in Spanish:


no contaminado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkənˈtæməˌneɪdəd//ʌnkənˈtamɪneɪtɪd/


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    no contaminado
    • You can hardly complain about people who want to produce food uncontaminated by artificial chemicals and additives.
    • Promote a clean and uncontaminated river environment that interacts with the urban spaces, developments and pedestrian amenities in their vicinity.
    • He wanted especially to believe that he was in this case acting in a manner uncontaminated by public ambition or sexual possessiveness.
    • Tammy thinks access to clean water, uncontaminated food, and healthcare are human needs.
    • There is a soft-headed view among trendy Westerners that, while most religions have disturbing elements, Buddhism is a pure, simple, uncontaminated faith.
    • Clean water and uncontaminated food are essential elements of public health.
    • In fact he is concerned for his right to travel all the way from A to B in his own private space, uncontaminated by his fellow human beings.
    • A project spokesman said: ‘The children's damaged immune systems are boosted by breathing clean air and eating plenty of uncontaminated food.’
    • The charity estimates that each four-week visit increases the children's life expectancies by up to two years, because the fresh air and uncontaminated food boosts their immune systems.
    • Disillusioned, we go off on our own and cultivate a pure spirituality uncontaminated by religious hucksters and hypocrites.
    • It is clear when you look back that one of the things which kept uncontaminated the high seriousness of the Modernism he admired was the sort of writing and exhibition-making he excelled at.
    • The youngsters come to many parts of the country, including Pembrokeshire, to enjoy the benefits of clean air and uncontaminated food.
    • Consumers are increasingly and justifiably demanding uncontaminated food from uncontaminated sources.
    • To be classed as organic, crops must be completely uncontaminated by GM material, and animals cannot be fed on GM foods.
    • Yet at the other end of the bay, away from the town and its sewage outlets, the water is virtually uncontaminated.
    • A cross sectional survey was performed in a chromium contaminated area and in an uncontaminated control area about 10 km away.
    • This week we might need to be reminded that if there is one single defining mark of a civilised society it is the ability to have fresh, clean and uncontaminated water.
    • Fruit bodies of the field-collected materials were surface-sterilized in 80% ethanol and cut by a clean razor to obtain uncontaminated fungal tissue from the core region.
    • All of these markets have exacting requirements for pure uncontaminated raw material.
    • Even back in the Manhattan Project in 1943 it was found that animals exposed to radiation lived longer and had more offspring than uncontaminated controls.