Translation of unconvincing in Spanish:


poco convincente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənkənˈvɪnsɪŋ//ʌnkənˈvɪnsɪŋ/


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    poco convincente
    • So the Journal's assurance that there is no story here is profoundly unconvincing.
    • I was not impressed with his evidence, which I found to be vague, and unconvincing in the extreme.
    • Churchill's responses to the academic fraud evidence have been entirely unconvincing.
    • Her motives and relationships are rendered dry and unconvincing, but her self-absorption rings true.
    • People find the government's case unconvincing; they simply do not believe it.
    • Her unconvincing speech was a loosely-connected string of truisms and cliches, with nary a story to give it substance.
    • In the end, dogmatic reactions to sex selection are unconvincing, and often rooted in dubious unstated assumptions.
    • One reviewer finds Perkins' story implausible and unconvincing, except perhaps to conspiracy buffs.
    • Porter et al. acknowledge that theoretical basis of repression is weak and unconvincing.
    • I find it ultimately unconvincing, although as I say, the argument may be more subtle in the book.
    • I've always been frustrated by the ending we saw in the cinema, which strikes me as tonally appropriate, but utterly unconvincing.
    • A relationship between Francine and her sister Dawn is tenuous and unconvincing.
    • I found the principal love story to be quite unconvincing.
    • Also, your gestures have grown constrained: unconvincing and simply wrong.
    • Actor Lalonde is for the most part only adequate and, in the several spots where the text calls for him to cry, is utterly unconvincing.
    • For example, to argue that all these crimes require some form of further intent is unconvincing, since that is not true of murder.
    • Ever since the modern study of art history began in the eighteenth century, there has been a variety of more or less unconvincing answers to that question.
    • For opponents of the fund that example is unconvincing.
    • And the assumption that he had packed away his nuclear kit and abandoned all ambitions still strikes me as deeply unconvincing.
    • In addition, I found the claimant's evidence generally to be unconvincing and unreliable.