Translation of uncork in Spanish:


descorchar, v.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɔːk//ˌənˈkɔrk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The open air restaurant prepares endless cups of cappuccino and uncorks bottles of white wine for those fortunate enough to take the afternoon off.
    • Around the ground, pine trees offer shade under which bottles are uncorked and picnic baskets unloaded.
    • The mayor performed a ribbon-cutting ceremony and uncorked a celebratory bottle of champagne at the new office in Hollins Brook Way.
    • Er, shall I uncork another bottle on my way back?
    • In one scene, a waiter uncorks a bottle of champagne with a loud pop.
    • The designated driver will traditionally be having a mineral, but the other adults could consider uncorking a bottle of big chewy Shiraz.
    • Arrgh… Time to uncork a bottle of wine and drink a toast to the cloying self-love that swirls through my lovely little city.
    • Jazz plays on the radio as Mark uncorks a bottle of fine red wine.
    • We'd throw a rope round a tree and the children would dash off along the towpath for a recce while the adults threw together a little light salad and uncorked a local rose.
    • While mother began to uncork the bottle, a familiar, heavy aroma assaulted my nostrils.
    • Despite my reservations, I uncorked the squat bottle and poured a glass of the golden liquid - handcrafted by a team of only three and aged for 10 years.
    • If a married woman fancies a swig of something naughty but nice, all she has to do is slip out of her apron and meet a pal down the pub, or uncork a bottle of Chardonnay while watching tv.
    • He remained standing while he uncorked a bottle of wine.
    • He removed the mixtures and potions from his bag and uncorked the bottles.
    • And when the time is right, you can uncork a bottle of your finest vintage and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    • She had discovered a few bottles hidden in a dusty rack wedged between two kitchen units and she'd wasted no time in uncorking a bottle of white and pouring out three large glasses, passing one each to Carl and Michael.
    • I try to imagine her uncorking a bottle of wine, picking a stone out of her shoe and downloading a PowerPoint presentation in one easy movement.
    • ‘You were awesome,’ Guy told me, smirking as he uncorked the bottle of wine.
    • She had prepared a candlelit dinner and uncorked a bottle of imported champagne.
    • Shrugging, she uncorked the bottle and waved it under Alice's nose.