Translation of uncouth in Spanish:


zafio, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkuːθ//ˌənˈkuθ/


  • 1

    (person) zafio
    (person) burdo
    (person) ordinario
    (manners) tosco
    (manners) burdo
    • It turns out that she has a few skeletons in her closet, including parents who could optimistically be considered uncouth and a husband, Jake, who has refused to give her a divorce.
    • There was some name-calling and uncouth behaviour on the bus but nothing of the targeted and persistent nature required to constitute bullying.
    • Make no mistake, Harris is still sneering at the uncouth accents of his compatriots, except now he calls them consumers instead of hicks and they live in a subdivision instead of a holler.
    • The left thinks him politically uncouth; the right thinks him socially uncouth.
    • Unless he's uncouth and rude, give him a chance.
    • Problem was the tourists (an uncouth lot) kept pulling over the ice cream signs outside and the heat made the ice cream melt very quickly.
    • Elijah is smart, outspoken and strangely confident; David is uncouth, shy and subdued.
    • Feeling guilty about repossessing the Massie family home, Cooper and Leah hire Dale as a labourer on the property, but secretly object to his table manners and uncouth ways.
    • You are the rudest, most foul, vulgar, offensive, and uncouth child I've ever seen!
    • I haven't done anything to you, so I can't see the reason why I am treated in such an uncouth manner.
    • He was quite tall - taller than her and Blake, anyway - and had rather uncouth hair, as if it hadn't been cut for some time.
    • Shouting matches in the street are so uncouth, but sometimes you've just gotta.
    • ‘You had a beard,’ she said, ‘dark in parts, still somewhat ragged and uncouth, not at all sophisticated.’
    • This was disgraceful, uncouth behaviour on your part.
    • He's uncouth and socially immature, but all he really wants is to have a few friends.
    • You are nothing but an uncouth, patronizing, unprincipled, rowdy group of misfits who aren't fit for any respectable job!
    • Asked whether the contract was worth £80m, he said: ‘My mum said it would be really uncouth of me to talk about money - but I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams.’
    • If, while performing his duties, he was approached by petitioners who seemed uncouth or outlandish, he should not gawk or make them feel uncomfortable; rather, he should treat them politely and proceed with business as usual.
    • There is a lot of snobbery - it's looked upon as a bit uncouth.
    • Max is unsophisticated, uncouth, rough and tough - but his heart is in the right place.