Translation of unctuous in Spanish:


empalagoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəŋ(k)(t)ʃ(u)əs//ˈʌŋ(k)tjʊəs/


  • 1

    (person) empalagoso
    • She was even less pleasant than the metallic voice who caressed me with his unctuous assurances… ‘Your call is important to us.’
    • I wouldn't waste two seconds listening to that unctuous socialite.
    • It would be impossible to walk by without succumbing to a tub of mellow, unctuous olives, or a modestly priced, sit-down lunch (as opposed to leftovers in the fridge).
    • It has nice touches such as the Bath Butler service, which delivers unctuous oils, chocolate-covered strawberries and a glass of champagne to your bath-side for a reasonable price.
    • The lousy, unctuous toad is going to be investigated.
    • He is as unctuous as they come and as slippery and lethal as a herd of rattlers in a barrel of oil.
    • Pete is one of those tiresome, unctuous types who thinks he's a wit and is half-right.
    • Roast them until they're nearly burnt, then cover with cold water and simmer for up to two days (if you want to make a truly unctuous sauce there are no shortcuts).
    • The first moment after a disaster, we do not need news anchors unchained to any news, no shred of useful information, but plenty of unctuous sympathy.
    • A home-made coleslaw, full of organic vegetables and coated in unctuous mayonnaise, accompanies a baked potato admirably, the slurpy dressing removing the need for any added butter.
    • I'm sure some unctuous berk could generate some glittering generalities about freedom, democracy, human rights and the rest - but what's specifically British about those?
    • But as so often, it seems even charitable works nowadays have to double as celebrity photo opportunities as the rich and famous parade their unctuous concern for the less fortunate.
    • ‘Politics is not the easiest game in the world,’ the environment minister explained in that unctuous voice that brings to mind a parish priest delivering a sermon.
    • The service at lunch was also very good, but a bit unctuous - in a restaurant like this, I don't really need to be told by the server that my choice of the ravioli is a fabulous one.
    • The ending of the story is a bit of a cop-out as the unctuous game show host invokes a hitherto-unknown rule and claims the date with Jennifer for himself.
    • I would have liked more of the unctuous Mowbray.
    • Another commentator derided the presenter's ‘mixture of solicitous concern, unctuous charm and glib moralising.’
    • The excruciatingly unctuous cable telemarketer forgot to mention, however, that the two movie channels, which come in on 500 and 400, could only be received through a descrambler.
    • If anyone in history has ever emitted a bigger pile of oozing, sanctimonious, unctuous, fetid, perfidious, malodorous offal than this, I'd like to know what it could possibly be.
    • Bob, by the way, only casually mentioned his war record, though there is still something unctuous even about that.