Translation of undecided in Spanish:


indeciso, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈsʌɪdɪd//ˌəndəˈsaɪdəd/


  • 1

    I'm undecided (as to) which dress to wear estoy indecisa; no sé qué vestido ponerme
    • we are undecided as to what we should do no estamos seguros de qué deberíamos hacer
    • I'm still undecided about inviting them todavía no sé si invitarlos
    • I am undecided as to whether this is a good idea, since some people can't help themselves in saying odd things anonymously, but I shall err of the side of laissez-faire.
    • Well now, I must admit this is a new one on me; not something I had ever heard of before and at this point in time I am undecided whether to feel embarrassingly demure and uneducated or fiercely proud and superior.
    • I am still undecided as to whether it was actually a good plan or not to quit my job and come home to Swindon.
    • We were undecided whether to go into cattle or sheep milk production, but decided to go with sheep as there was a clear market demand and no problems with milk quotas.
    • He was talking about how great it'd be to have a boy for the past 9 months, and they had the boy's name all set (they were still undecided on the girl's name).
    • If you are still undecided about going to college or sixth form after your GCSE results, the knowledge that cash is available to help you continue your studies might swing the balance.
    • A lot of people are undecided about whether that's good or bad.
    • Three people were undecided and two said they would not vote.
    • I'm undecided and probably will be for quite a while.
    • I am still undecided about the decision I am about to make.
    • There are an awful lot of undecided people still, and the question remains whether those undecideds coalesce around another candidate.
    • I'm completely undecided until the final minute.
    • But I guess there are some really undecided people.
    • The number of undecided voters in the electorate is unusually small this year, he added, meaning the contest is unlikely to shift dramatically in either direction.
    • I'm undecided on what to do, other than take a break after this.
    • Although I'm generally undecided about legalizing gambling, I strongly support legalizing poker, e.g. California.
    • But, in that poll, there's no proclamation of how many people are truly undecided.
    • While this debate will certainly reinforce decided voters' existing positions, it didn't strike me as a mind-changer for undecided voters.
    • But there was a small group of undecided members.
    • But historically, many undecided voters make their decision during the past month or even the last few days of an election season.
  • 2

    (not solved)
    (issue/question) pendiente
    (issue/question) no resuelto
    it is as yet undecided which method will be used aún no se ha decidido qué método utilizar
    • But have some of these arguments been left undecided by the Full Court?
    • With four races undecided, the Republicans won 227 House seats, the Democrats, 203, and there was one independent.
    • The only thing that was left undecided was who would play the main stars.
    • So far, Republicans have added three seats in the Senate, with two races still undecided, and four seats in the House, with one race still undecided.
    • Even though press attention has focussed on the undecided question of control of the internet, at the start of the process there were widely varying views on just about every aspect of the internet.
    • The GOP, meanwhile, had a 227-203 edge in the House, a gain of at least three seats, with four races still undecided at press time.
    • It's because central government is so undecided it has lost control, and everything is governed locally.
    • Some disputes are better left undecided in the annals of history.
    • The film's end is open and undecided not only narratively, but also with regard to its underlying vision of the universe.
    • There is one seat still undecided in Hawaii, which will be determined by the voters on January 4.
    • The Conservatives lost only one seat, with two Gosport seats still left undecided due to recounts on Monday
    • Republicans get 220 seats; Democrats 211 seats and independents two seats, with two races undecided.