Translation of undefended in Spanish:


desguarnecido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈfɛndɪd//ˌəndəˈfɛndəd/


  • 1

    (city/frontier) desguarnecido
    Sport (goal) vacío
    undefended suit juicio seguido en rebeldía
    • My own conclusion, which I shall leave undefended here, is that such an investigation leads to the view that cases of moral luck are both inescapable and troubling.
    • The Sea Beggars found it undefended as Spanish troops were in Utrecht putting down riots.
    • Oh look, there it is, slap bang in the middle of that big empty room, totally undefended.
    • The attack could render a significant portion of the military forces either undefended or non-operational leaving them in a highly vulnerable position.
    • So, did we therefore see a Champions League title go undefended?
    • The assault by Flemings in 1174 apparently went undefended and the city was sacked.
    • The Scandinavians actually found the city undefended, and entered it on 1 November 866.
    • She walks like a lady of promise and stature, alone and undefended on the street.
    • Not realising that he was charged with a capital offence, the undefended Downey pleaded guilty.
    • It is the world's longest undefended frontier.
    • Although its harbour was left undefended, often causing shortages, the Goths could not capture Rome.
    • On that date, Colonel James Montgomery took several companies of the regiment on a raid to the undefended and nearly deserted town of Darien.
    • Close to two typical Cornish settlements enclosed by ditches and banks known as ‘rounds’, this one was apparently undefended.
    • You of all people should have known that we'd never leave my vessel undefended.
    • And a vulnerable nation was left undefended against an unspeakable threat.
    • But only 66 properties, all of them currently undefended, were inundated after rivers and streams burst their banks.
    • There was no effective communication system within the stadium, and the police proved unable to prevent illegal entry across undefended fencing.
    • The agency has told Harrogate Council that the 11-acre site beside the River Ure is within an undefended area and the risk of flooding is unacceptable.
    • We don't know what they have already over there, and I don't want to leave this position undefended trying to take out a garrison station.
    • Since they are wearing bug repellent they only have a very small few spots on their body that is left undefended and ripe for the picking, and these sweet spots can sometimes be pretty hard to get at.