Translation of undelivered in Spanish:


no entregado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈlɪvəd//əndəˈlɪvərd/


  • 1

    (al destinatario) no entregado
    • They can also check undelivered products, delivered shipments, or shipping activity in a certain date range.
    • To add to the mess, opening hours of the collection office at Otley have been slashed - so anyone wanting to collect registered, undelivered mail will have to collect it before lunchtime - or wait until the next day.
    • Of the 500 questionnaires originally sent, some went undelivered or were removed from study.
    • The IRS says it's looking for more than 96,000 taxpayers who are owed about $80 million in undelivered refunds.
    • And he said he expected there would be backlogs of undelivered post by the weekend.
    • For a time he worked as the campus postmaster but spent all his time writing and drinking, leaving mail to pile up undelivered, creating a storm of student complaints.
    • The Royal Mail has launched an investigation after two large bundles of undelivered letters were found dumped on a piece of Heaton waste ground.
    • There is an awful lot of rubbish that gets thrown off the path like drinks bottles and crisp packets, and some undelivered newspapers.
    • The state GOP had challenged 35,000 registrations because mail to those addresses came back undelivered.
    • ‘I was told that there was a pile of undelivered cards which all looked as if they had too low a value stamp on them,’ she said.
    • Of the 99 questionnaires mailed, 3 were returned undelivered.
    • But many postmen have returned with undelivered letters because the delivery round is now bigger.
    • Hundreds of undelivered letters have been found dumped in a Bradford quarry.
    • Some sites provide free insurance or guarantees for items that are undelivered, inauthentic or just not what the seller claimed.
    • But he said that 99.9 per cent of the time, posties with letters still undelivered at the end of their shift would still deliver them, unless there was a pressing need to get off, such as a hospital appointment or childcare arrangements.
    • Even better, notes CEO Michael Epstein, there have been far fewer problems with lost or undelivered checks.
    • Though Jane tells herself stories, listens to stories told by others, and reads, she never writes anything other than a few letters-misaddressed and undelivered letters, at that.
    • But it is, in fact, a major reason why more than 80% of such undertakings are late, over budget, short of expectations or simply undelivered.
    • The unofficial dispute has left three million homes and businesses across the country without mail and an estimated 250 million letters and parcels undelivered.
    • Last year a number of cards were returned undelivered.