Translation of undercarriage in Spanish:


tren de aterrizaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəndərˌkɛrɪdʒ//ˈʌndəkarɪdʒ/


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    tren de aterrizaje masculine
    • On a mission on December 12, enemy fire struck the aircraft and damaged its undercarriage hydraulics.
    • As the main undercarriage contacted the runway, the left undercarriage collapsed, causing the left wing to come in contact with the runway.
    • Judgment of landings is also rather harder on snow and once again the nosewheel undercarriage scores.
    • All undercarriage wheels rotate freely, however, while the twin forward sets are also movable they are independent of each other, which means the model does not turn easily when taxied.
    • When used for planetary decent the shuttle can land like a standard aircraft on a wheeled undercarriage, or where there is not an airport, it can make a vertical landing on small thrusters, at the cost of a greatly reduced payload capacity.
    • Once airborne, Marty tried to retract the undercarriage - but the damage done in the explosion and subsequent fire engulfing the rods, levers and hydraulics which are under the wing and which control it - made it impossible.
    • The prototype was grounded until late November by undercarriage cracks resulting from a heavy landing on the last day of the show.
    • The gears grind as the undercarriage is lowered.
    • The front undercarriage was retracted and the front of the fuselage, from which the cannon projected, slightly buried.
    • As my speed carried me over him his prop sliced through my undercarriage, slashing the fuselage.
    • The aircraft also has new undercarriage and hydraulics systems.
    • These were single-engined, low-winged monoplanes, usually with enclosed cockpits, retracting undercarriages, and a fixed forward firing armament.
    • He said after landing the undercarriage collapsed but the plane stayed upright.
    • No sooner had the undercarriage touched the ground, than a massive explosion lifted the shuttle back into the air and flipped it over.
    • The aircraft struck the ground heavily, causing the nose undercarriage to fail.
    • Other models followed, including the Courier, the world's first single-engine monoplane with retractable undercarriage.
    • The proximity of the enemy to the airfield was illustrated by the fact that the fighters barely had time to retract their undercarriages before commencing attacks.
    • This was to become the first British produced plane with a retractable undercarriage.
    • A new undercarriage was fitted, with steerable twin nose wheels.
    • A year later, in 1989, he returned to the flight academy to complete a night flying course on a more advanced aircraft which had a variable pitch propeller and retractable undercarriage.