Translation of undercoat in Spanish:


pintura base, n.

(US undercoating)

Pronunciation /ˈʌndəkəʊt//ˈəndərˌkoʊt/


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    • 1.1(paint)

      pintura base feminine
      • Use matt white emulsion paint as an undercoat for the tip.
      • Apply a flat oil-based enamel undercoat to the wall and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
      • And soft, sloughing paints are a poor undercoat for anything other than a fresh coat of the same.
      • They also make paints for wood or concrete floors and masonry as well as the requisite undercoat and primer paints.
      • The way Skinner describes his creative process, he sounds like a conscientious painter and decorator sanding a wooden surface to roughen it up a bit before applying an undercoat.
      • Before the glaze coat begins to dry, use the sponge to remove some of the glaze to expose the undercoat.
      • The vat had been full of solvent-based rubberised paint used as an undercoat on vans made at the factory.
      • He said the undercoat was intentionally a bright colour so that the painters could spot any areas they missed with the grey paint, which would be applied within a matter of days.
      • These penetrating sealers are often used as an undercoat with surface finishes; but be sure the two finishes are compatible before you begin.
      • The lift was inoperable, the walls had been left with barely an undercoat on them and there was bare screed on the floors.
      • Use a special primer as an undercoat so that the paint will adhere better.
      • He then turned to large-scale community murals, designing and drawing the outlines and letting local people paint the two undercoats, three coats of gloss paint and finally varnishing.
      • Sometimes his pigment catches the canvas threads dryly, leaving the dips of the rough weave coloured only by the undercoat.
      • First, they painted the stucco with a primer undercoat, then applied medium blue latex house paint.
      • If I paint, is there a special undercoat and paint that I should use?
      • The walls were painted only in a sickly yellow undercoat, and even that was peeling.
      • Upon completion, the resulting piece is sun-baked for several days prior to painting, which commences with the application of a thick white undercoat.
      • An undercoat is preferred so there are no thin or bare spots visible.
      • A primer-sealer undercoat is necessary to seal drywall and unpainted plaster or wallboard compound.
      • Using an undercoat by spattering acrylics, I finish off the surface of the sculpture with oil paints with the aid of an airbrush.

    • 1.2(coating)

      primera mano de pintura feminine
      primera capa de pintura feminine

  • 2US

    Motor vehicles
    tratamiento anticorrosivo del chasis masculine