Translation of undercook in Spanish:


no cocinar del todo, v.

Pronunciation /ʌndəˈkʊk//ˌəndərˈkʊk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    no cocinar del todo
    the meat was undercooked a la carne le faltaba cocción
    • On this occasion the pastry was undercooked and the cheese itself, very hard.
    • I told the waitress that we loved the meat but asked her to let the chef know we felt the veg was seriously undercooked.
    • Unfortunately, frozen pizza is either undercooked or burned, there is no ‘lightly browned toppings’ state.
    • The cauliflower was so-so, and the Brussels sprouts were undercooked, but the carrots and broccoli well made-up for those shortcomings.
    • He also mentioned that he had been disappointed the night before, when his filet was undercooked although he hadn't sent it back the night before.
    • Fred's steak was completely undercooked and so he had to send it back to the kitchen for some extra browning.
    • The six slices were nicely undercooked and came coated with ginger and coriander, a traditional combination that complemented the fish nicely.
    • She readily conceded that pasta is difficult to keep hot (it did say warm on the menu) but the chick peas were definitely undercooked.
    • I decided to tuck into the garlic bread to fill me up, but it was undercooked and doughy with a high level of raw garlic.
    • The meal was slightly undercooked but delicious.
    • Once I'd showered, was tucked back in bed and fed a bowl of slightly undercooked chicken soup, I was feeling a bit better.
    • The French fries were often undercooked, fruits and vegetables rotten, breads molding, and once or twice, the meat rancid.
    • I cooked tea for myself a few days ago and managed to eat a very undercooked steak and kidney pudding (it's a long story), and have been feeling a bit rough ever since.
    • The stew was nothing special: The meat was undercooked and might have been slightly gammy, but the worst was covered by the plentiful addition of spices.
    • He didn't salt his pasta water and the garlic was completely undercooked.
    • Don't eat raw or undercooked meat, especially pork or lamb.
    • Looks great, slightly brûléed - but the pastry is undercooked with lemon sherbet flavour filling.
    • A soufflé will collapse if it is undercooked, or if it is kept waiting after cooking.
    • The stuffed eggplant was slightly undercooked, but the flavours of cheese and herbs were delightful.
    • He complained to the restaurant manager that the steak was undercooked.