Translation of undercut in Spanish:


vender más barato que, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌəndərˈkət//ʌndəˈkʌt/

transitive verb

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    (competitor) vender más barato que
    (competitor) vender a un precio más bajo que
    they undercut our quotation by 20 thousand dollars les dieron un presupuesto 20 mil dólares más bajo que el nuestro
    • The company's low cost base allows it to undercut competitors, offer cheaper computers, better service and still have better margins.
    • They're significantly undercutting the high street, and it has to find a way of responding.
    • After years of struggling to find cheap, reliable labor in Oklahoma, he had found a way to undercut his competitors without closing up shop and moving overseas.
    • So everyone raising prices knows that a competitor could undercut them.
    • You can patent ways of undercutting your competitor.
    • During soft markets, insurers tend to undercut prices for competitive reasons.
    • Essentially, the order prevents retailers undercutting competitors by selling products below cost price.
    • The result is a level playing field for processors; competitors can't undercut prices.
    • A smaller company would have to establish a reputation, and may have to undercut competitors on price, narrowing down its profits, he said.
    • There is a battle to undercut rivals and yet still make a profit.
    • Now they are being drastically undercut by competition from the rest of Europe and particularly from Asia.
    • They undercut their competitors' prices.
    • Paris can afford to undercut rivals thanks to its excellent infrastructure.
    • An ambitious kid could make decent headway if he was willing to smooth-talk lots of retailers and undercut his competitors.
    • In other words you cannot undercut competitors by holding a ‘January Sale’ because it's unfair competition.
    • Just be careful not to undercut the prices you're charging through your sales reps and distributors.
    • I learned quickly that if I wanted any of this business, I had to undercut everyone else's prices.
    • The contractor glanced at the file, read the information he required, undercut his competitors and got the contract.
    • Prices are at rock bottom and supermarkets are undercutting each other in price wars.
    • The difference is that in a competitive market place, plumbers and electricians can attempt to undercut their competitors by offering a cheaper service and thus attract more work.
    • Or do I withhold punishment or censure and in so doing undercut the teacher's authority?
    • That pretty thoroughly undercuts any support I might have had for nationalised health care.
    • As a working journalist and Guild member, I believe her comments undercut the credibility of my profession.
    • But Hopkins seriously undercuts his efforts in a number of ways.
    • They are now voicing confidence that the new deadline will be met, but it does undercut the political timeline here.
    • Others fear that the museum's financial concerns will undercut its artistic activities.
    • Roth has made the strange decision to constantly undercut the dramatic tension inherent within his own story.
    • However well-intentioned that allusion might have been, it undercut the work's subtle emotional power.
    • This generates new profits for the financial sector but undercuts social solidarity.
    • Individual artists and art publishers have attempted to combat this rising tide of counterfeit art which is flooding the market and undercutting the ability of legitimate artists and publishers to sell their works.
    • He complains of the trials of composition as he composes and constantly undercuts himself in front of the reader.
    • And the way the information dribbled out over time, it undercut the credibility of the system.
    • In the meantime, we are undercutting his authority.
    • The well deserved sleep Brooke didn't receive completely undercut her pleas for an early discharge from the hospital.
    • As a result, we avoid a process that undercuts the authority of and respect for the Supreme Court.
    • The remainder of the introduction provides capsule summaries of the essays, somewhat under-cutting the need to read the book.
    • This development undercut local and regional culture.
    • The fact that I won't have to undercut my sleeping cycle to do extra work is a relief.
    • However, it is not clear how far this undercuts the arguments for limited liability.
    • But almost from the outset, Maskhadov was challenged and deliberately undercut by his ruthless and less principled rivals.
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