Translation of undergo in Spanish:


sufrir, v.

Pronunciation /ʌndəˈɡəʊ//ˌəndərˈɡoʊ/

transitive verbundergone, underwent, undergoing

  • 1

    (be subjected to)
    (change/transformation) sufrir
    the new system is undergoing trials se está probando el nuevo sistema
    • the company has undergone several changes of ownership la compañía ha cambiado de manos varias veces
    • they underwent great hardship sufrieron / padecieron grandes privaciones
    • Four months later he underwent the life-saving surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital.
    • He did not suffer any broken bones but underwent physiotherapy and took a week off work.
    • Beth underwent a life saving bone marrow transplant when she was five after a mystery donor was found in Germany.
    • He, however, seemed to have undergone a kind of religious experience during the concert.
    • As if in respect for the sombre occasion, the weather had undergone one of its sudden shifts in mood.
    • Most firms have experienced change in this area and some have undergone radical restructuring.
    • The new kitchens and art room are part of a block at the school that has already undergone extensive refurbishment.
    • Stella undergoes a traumatic experience and must deal with the aftermath.
    • Trafalgar Square is at present something of a building site as it undergoes partial pedestrianisation.
    • She added that the British public was mostly unaware of the suffering undergone by the birds.
    • At the time of inspection, the prison was undergoing an extensive building programme.
    • Your body undergoes rapid change to support the healthy growth of your baby.
    • It was Leslie's first taste of live action since undergoing surgery to repair a wrist problem.
    • When babies are born, they undergo all sorts of tests to make sure they're fit and healthy.
    • The Lava Lounge is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment unrelated to the fire.
    • I underwent an emergency caesarean with my first baby and narrowly avoided it with my second.
    • The centre of the site shows the headquarters building which underwent several rebuilds.
    • He probably typifies the early skeptic who then undergoes a conversion experience.
    • All the craft have been undergoing a complete overhaul before the final race training begins.
    • He coped with the problem for two years before he underwent an operation which effectively cured him.
  • 2

    she'll have to undergo surgery va a tener que ser sometida a una intervención quirúrgica formal
    • he underwent various tests le hicieron distintos análisis