Translation of undergrad in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈəndərˌɡræd//ʌndəˈɡrad/



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    • However, it's worth noting that this is one of a very few student unions across the country that represents both grads and undergrads in one body.
    • As undergrads both separately studied psychology; for graduate work, both separately went off to California.
    • To be eligible to present at the conference, students must be enrolled as undergrads or have graduated but present research conducted during their undergraduate study.
    • We also established a mentoring program for undergrads with the undergraduate law and business society.
    • Two hundred companies participated in the first online career fair and about 14,000 undergrads and alumni responded.
    • Mr. Marcus says they interview about 4,000 to 5,000 undergrads per semester, which doesn't leave a lot of time to ask detailed questions about how many calculus courses each one took.
    • I don't treat the undergrads any different than I treat my grad students and postdocs.
    • I attended there both as an undergrad and a graduate student-about seven years.
    • The undergrads have been wonderful, and the grad students have been razor-sharp.
    • The pope urged our small band of Loyola University undergrads to study hard and obey our parents.
    • He teaches E-Marketing and Internet Business Model Lab to undergrads and E-Commerce to graduate students.
    • What was most impressive was the sheer range of people who came together to hear him; entire benches of senior professors from different faculties, as well as hundreds of undergrads and grads.
    • Myself and the other grad student, the two techs, and one of the undergrads are all young women about my age.
    • But then I spoke to some graduate students where I did my undergrad.
    • I knew Scott when we were both undergrads at the University of Illinois.
    • The JCR is in favour of situating a new joint JCR-MCR common room there, with a new quad and facilities for both undergrads and post-grads.
    • Guys, the class is a graduate class, no undergrads allowed.
    • I have to complete and defend my dissertation and survive teaching undergrads between now and then.
    • We are a group of undergrads currently attending Carroll College, located in Helena, Montana.
    • Montana residents who were full-time undergrads paid $3,079 this semester; out-of-state students paid $9,075.