Translation of underpopulated in Spanish:


poco poblado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndəˈpɒpjʊleɪtɪd//ˌəndərˈpɑpjəleɪdəd/


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    poco poblado
    de baja densidad de población
    • The aim of the £20 million package is to fast-track spending into the 16 most underpopulated areas in the country.
    • All we had to do was pipe water from the underpopulated, rain-rich North to the populous but parched South.
    • The streets were very quiet at night, one of the advantages of an underpopulated city.
    • Manpower shortages in the underpopulated Confederate states had led their Congress to embrace conscription even before the North did.
    • As mentioned earlier, their reports state that the peninsula was underpopulated and vastly undercultivated.
    • The population is crowded together in towns on tiny plots of land, while much of the open land is underpopulated and underused.
    • Britain and other European countries face being underpopulated because of the low birth rate.
    • Depicting underpopulated picturesque rustic scenes had become commonplace by the 17th century.
    • Meeting and mixing with people you first met and mixed with in the students' union is symptomatic of underpopulated nations.
    • Even though much of the film takes place in the sunny metropolis of Los Angeles (with the rest happening in San Fransisco), it is curiously underpopulated (for the most part).
    • Ann and James invited me to one of those plush, underpopulated screening rooms in midtown with seats so comfortable that they ruin the local theater by comparison.
    • Most decisions were driven by the need to attract and maintain population, having inherited an apparently underpopulated land.
    • In spite of these imperfections, the book is an important addition to an underpopulated genre of science books: It critically examines both sides of interesting, important, and unsettled arguments.
    • With 19.8 million people contained in an area roughly the size of the contiguous 48 states, Australia may seem drastically underpopulated to the 285 million residents of the U.S.
    • Until recently, Africa was one of the most underpopulated continents.
    • Uruguay was created in an underpopulated borderland between Brazil and Argentina.
    • The Upper Ohio Valley had been an underpopulated borderland that, by 1748, had become home to Delaware, Shawnee, and Mingo migrants from east of the Appalachians.