Translation of underseal in Spanish:


tratamiento anticorrosivo del chasis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəndərsil//ˈʌndəsiːl/


Motor Vehicles

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    tratamiento anticorrosivo del chasis masculine
    • This process uses modern underseals and cavity wax to help prolong the life of the bodyshell and other panels.
    • I would be careful with underseal as it can trap water and cause even more rust in the future.
    • I was travelling slowly in a convoy, sedately chipping away at my underseal, when a white van driver decided he would create a bow wave of rocks and a wake of expletives by overtaking the line of traffic at about 60 mph.
    • Fortunately this example has been well looked after, but after 30 years the underseal has failed.
    • By now any competent restorer should know that bitumen underseal is not the product to use.
    • You need to get rid of any flaking underseal first other wise you'll just create pockets for moisture to get trapped in, which will make things worse than leaving it with no protection whatsoever.