Translation of undersell in Spanish:


vender más barato que, v.

Pronunciation: /ʌndəˈsɛl//ˌəndərˈsɛl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (competitor) vender más barato que
    we are never undersold vendemos más barato que nadie
    • Meanwhile, corporate agribusiness can undersell the small family farmer, making the small farm economically unviable.
    • Many chains claim that no one will undersell their own Web sites, but this is a tough policy to enforce.
    • There's always a balance between overselling and underselling, and although I think we have good potential, we have just begun to deliver on that.
    • Most rivals grumbled, but matched the cap out of fear of being undersold.
    • Increasingly individuals who performed such work at home were displaced by wage workers employed in urban factories and shops that took advantage of machinery or economies of scale to undersell homeworkers.
    • The department store chain decided to remove the ‘never knowingly undersold’ tag for the Internet because it couldn't be never knowingly undersold.
    • There are unquestionably farmers in a number of developing countries who have been undersold and even put out of business by imports whose prices are artificially low thanks to subsidies the rich countries pay their farmers.
    • When I asked him whether these substantial price cuts were because the top end models had been overpriced and underselling, he said that these reductions had been long-planned.
    • One person is quoted saying: ‘They are either underselling for the sake of competitive pricing or gouging the heck out of everybody else.’
    • The Government itself is largely to blame for this underselling.
    • In other words, we subsidize our farmers so heavily that they can undersell poor competitors abroad.
    • He undersold himself by $5 million, maybe more.