Translation of underspend in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈspɛnd//ˌəndərˈspɛnd/

intransitive verbunderspent

  • 1

    gastar menos de lo calculado
    gastar menos de lo presupuestado
    • It acknowledges that the company underspent in previous years, but says it is committed to additional investment in the network.
    • At the same time, poor planning and delivery mean that the province is expected to underspend on child-support grants, food parcels and the building of houses.
    • ‘We accept that this is a priority area, but since you are already underspending, we don't believe they'll be able to spend more of it,’ an official said.
    • We have been underspending on our roading network for the past 20 years, and that is why we are in the current situation.
    • Some departments, including radiology, finance and surgery, underspent, which offset some of the higher costing areas.
    • In previous years we have underspent and have urged people to go out and spend the money.
    • There is finite funding, but we consistently underspend.
    • If you can keep trying to underspend by a little bit here and there and reduce your overdraft accordingly each time, you'll soon find that you don't have one anymore.
    • Why, then, have universities and colleges, with a few exceptions, consistently underspent?
    • It is therefore incorrect to say the Department of Education underspent, because at present there is no weak expenditure on the part the department.
    • We are required not to overspend, so there will always be a propensity to underspend.
    • But we are in no way complacent about underspends and we are taking steps to reduce them.
    • Proper budgeting is impossible until this is done and we have to get away from a situation where we have simply moved from overspending to underspending.
    • This council must make up for all the underspending or they will find themselves out at the council elections this year.
    • Insiders in the water industry blame decades of underspending for the poor state of the water network.
    • ‘In any big organisation that spends £180 million there are going to be some areas where you overspend and underspend,’ he said.
    • He said that the council had been underspending for too long and that was why services were now cut to the bone or had been scrapped over the past four years.
    • It has also been revealed that almost half of local authorities are underspending on road maintenance.
    • Restructuring and underspending by $1 million wouldn't be enough for the church to sustain itself.