Translation of understaffed in Spanish:


con personal insuficiente, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndəˈstɑːft//ˌəndərˈstæft/


  • 1

    (school/office/project) con personal insuficiente
    (school/office/project) con una dotación insuficiente de empleados
    (school) con una dotación insuficiente de maestros
    we're very understaffed estamos muy escasos / faltos de personal
    • Newly emerging agreements seeking to correct work-life imbalance for teachers, including a reduction in bureaucracy, will partially address understaffing in our schools.
    • We're a small company, and therefore understaffed.
    • The truth is that the centre was understaffed to deal with the level of demand that has arisen, and staff are being recruited and trained to resolve the problems.
    • Also, work is causing him problems; he's massively understaffed.
    • Severe cuts have meant fewer student nurses are taken on, the hospital acquires a reputation for being understaffed - and recruitment takes a dive downwards.
    • Their plans will leave stations severely understaffed or not staffed at all for long periods.
    • The number of beds available has gone down over the years and the number of staff available has not kept pace, particularly in A&E which is chronically understaffed.
    • Historically, the health service was understaffed and promotion was mainly from within, but now there are lots of trust and board positions that need filling.
    • Certain departments are understaffed so we keep trying to borrow a bit on that budget to hike another up, instead of just being able to do it in a proper normal way.
    • There's always an excuse - undermanned, understaffed, underpaid - you name it, they haven't got it.
    • With our schools being chronically understaffed, anything we can do to keep teachers healthy and at work is obviously the highest priority.
    • He is clearly stung by claims that his prison is understaffed.
    • The survey concluded that midwives, who are understaffed and who work under considerable pressure, cannot tackle the problem alone.
    • The leaked hospital memo included concerns about understaffing, a lack of continuity of care for patients and a lack of communication between staff and managers.
    • But then I remembered that they'd only brought me in because they were over worked and understaffed.
    • We are working desperately understaffed; staff are in tears they are so exhausted.
    • This company had a very competent IT team, but they were understaffed and overworked.
    • They talk about being cost effective but we are already understaffed as it is.
    • Whilst retail is generally understaffed one cannot staff to unprofitable levels and we can only stretch ourselves so far.
    • But hey, I guess they need to justify their existence somehow - how else can they say they are overworked, understaffed and in need of a budget increase?