Translation of undervalue in Spanish:


subvalorar, v.

Pronunciation /ʌndəˈvaljuː//ˌəndərˈvælju/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (goods/stock) subvalorar
    an undervalued currency una moneda subvalorada / subvaluada
    • Instead spend some time reading through the free annual report and then decide whether you believe the shares in the company are undervalued or overvalued.
    • Alternatively, if unrealized and undervalued tax assets like tax credits and losses are on hand, a share purchase will be favoured.
    • The risk with value investing is that undervalued stocks can remain so for a long time!
    • They claimed that his accounting system was based on a liquidation value orientation, which would undervalue the firm as an entity whose sum value is greater than its parts.
    • It just depends on recognizing the market imperfections that create the undervalued assets in a given market.
    • This hardly suggests that the currency was vastly overvalued then and is undervalued now.
    • As the stock trades in and around the company's net asset value, the shares are highly undervalued.
    • I have always tried to fight the tough fight and accumulate investments when they were undervalued and sell them when they were overvalued.
    • He thrives by relentlessly exploiting market mismatches - by mining data that his rivals ignore and by scooping up assets that others have undervalued.
    • Additionally, his aim was to try and eliminate market risk by buying undervalued shares and selling overvalued ones.
    • They rejected the new deal, saying that even though the price was well above market value, it still undervalued the company.
    • Investors tend to buy undervalued stocks and sell overvalued stocks, and, in a market of many participants, the result can be anything but efficient.
    • Even then, I sold as little of my stock as possible to satisfy the calls, because I was convinced that it was undervalued and would increase in value.
    • A buy-back increases shareholder value if the company is truly undervalued.
    • A particular stock may be undervalued, or it may be lousy value.
    • Trouble is, the company might look undervalued because it's trading in an overvalued sector.
    • With the firm seriously undervalued he took it private and its value has soared.
    • Folks like to blame an undervalued currency.
    • Some companies are seriously undervalued because the market just doesn't know how to value non-profitable companies.
    • It looks for firms whose debts are undervalued and trading at a large discount to their face value.
  • 2

    (skill/person/talent) subvalorar
    (skill/person/talent) subestimar
    • It undervalued the tremendous job done by thousands of nursery workers.
    • Yet despite of our dependence on water, society still routinely undervalues it.
    • We have proved that sport has the real potential to tackle problems like social exclusion, and personally I feel sport is greatly undervalued in this role.
    • I think Tom is a hugely undervalued talent.
    • They weren't trapped, they weren't undervalued, they weren't depressed, they weren't not using whatever intelligence or skills they had.
    • True, scriptwriters are undervalued in Hollywood and Bollywood.
    • I remember a man ill at ease with his height and fearful that his profound musical abilities were undervalued.
    • He always undervalued his work.
    • If a strike by railroad employees cripples the nation, that is an indication that these workers are undervalued.
    • He is also a hardworking and undervalued writer.
    • The job of a crossing patrol is undervalued and has become more dangerous.
    • I know this sounds pompous, (it's supposed to) but sitting down to a communal family meal is seriously undervalued.
    • Motherhood is a demanding full-time job on its own, but sadly it is greatly undervalued by modern society.
    • Too often, we've undervalued our achievements.
    • ‘Our society undervalues some people's contributions (teachers, public servants) to building a healthy and wealthy society and overvalues others,’ he said.
    • However, we consistently overestimate the dangers and undervalue the benefits we obtain by living in a complex society.
    • Don't undervalue yourself, but don't value things that are worthless.