Translation of underwater in Spanish:


submarino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndərˈwɔdər//ʌndəˈwɔːtə/


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    • In her spare time, she is a keen sports diver and underwater archaeologist.
    • We clambered out of the water after some serious underwater rock climbing.
    • And if you go in for underwater photography, take three times as much film as you think you need.
    • Their services were regularly required for underwater building and repairs around the city.
    • The police helicopter and the force's underwater search unit were also bought in to assist.
    • We were on the rock and had to deflate the boat underwater to reduce the pressure the water was exerting upon the boat.
    • Many thousands of acres now lie underwater or are so wet that they will be inaccessible for many months.
    • She said the divers will have to work with the tides and underwater visibility to do their job.
    • This is basically an underwater parachute which fills with water and slows the boat down.
    • He planned to shatter the world record for time spent underwater by a single person using scuba equipment.
    • He'd just returned from scuba diving in the Red Sea where he clocked up many a mile of underwater exploring.
    • Police officers have combed the area with dogs and an underwater team has searched the canal near his work.
    • He is passionate about both diving and underwater photography and does not want to let me down.
    • If you have trouble with water going up your nose breath out whilst your underwater or consider using a nose clip.
    • Meanwhile, officers were waiting for an underwater team to arrive to begin a search of nearby ponds.
    • The penguins can be viewed, not just from a sloping arena but also from underwater viewing areas.
    • Much trade was lost during the floods because people believed the entire city was underwater.
    • If the lake is shallow there can be a very strong underwater tow, whether the wind is blowing or not.
    • Well, in a landscape so void of life above water, the underwater contrast is huge.
    • The waves are breaking right over the dock - soon it looks like it will be completely underwater.


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