Translation of underwear in Spanish:


ropa interior, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʌndəwɛː//ˈəndərˌwɛr/


  • 1

    ropa interior feminine
    a change of underwear una muda (de ropa interior)
    • I've just had three twenty year old blokes in their underwear watching football in my reception.
    • I look at my clock, standing in my bra and underwear while ironing my shirt of choice.
    • Hats, scarves, gloves and thermal underwear all laid out on the bed ready for going to work tomorrow.
    • She sent photos of herself posing in her underwear, a bikini and a glamorous ballgown.
    • There was a carrier bag to his side which held a change of underwear and a shirt and a pair of jeans.
    • Again, undersuits and thermal underwear have improved dramatically in the past few years.
    • She laid out a light grey tracksuit, underwear and a pair of sports shoes at the foot of his bed.
    • Your clothes are in the wardrobe and your night things and underwear are in the left hand set of drawers.
    • She ran the towel through her hair vigorously and tugged on her bra and underwear.
    • I strip to my underwear and get under the big fluffy duvet on the massage couch.
    • When I finished my shower I walked into my room and got some underwear on and headed for my bed to do a little reading.
    • It almost seemed as if she didn't care whether or not the whole world saw her in her underwear.
    • She stormed over to her bureau, pulling out clothes, throwing underwear at him.
    • Here there is a firm that does mail order designer and thermal underwear.
    • A breeze caught her nightgown and it rose to give Jay a small glance at her pink underwear.
    • Put a spare set of underwear in hand luggage just in case the case goes AWOL.
    • Cases were dumped on the ground and unpacked as people dug for nightclothes and changes of underwear.
    • In only her underwear, she flopped down onto her queen sized bed and yawned.
    • If you really want to know, we ate at a food court and shopped for thermal underwear.
    • The company supplies quality underwear and swimwear in a large range of sizes and styles.