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Pronunciation /ˈəndərˌwərld//ˈʌndəwəːld/


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    the Underworld el averno literary
    • Like other similar goddesses, she has her connection with the underworld: in the Book of the Dead she is shown accompanying the soul to judgement and providing the deceased with food and drink.
    • The spirit assumes the appearance of a dead man and goes down to the underworld.
    • Pluto is the mythological ruler of the underworld, the keeper of dark secrets.
    • When Aeneas travels to the underworld, as most heroes do, he is accompanied by Sibyl, his guide sent by Apollo.
    • Like Orpheus bringing Eurydice out of the underworld, it seems the novelist cannot look directly at love without losing it.
    • And I will be more powerful than any other on the face of the earth or in the underworld.
    • Pluto, or Hades, rules the underworld but even he was taken by the power of love and lust, for Proserpina.
    • Persephone was forced to live a dual life in both the underworld and earth after eating the pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades.
    • Orpheus retrieves Eurydice from the underworld on the condition that he not look back at her shadow until both have emerged from the vale of Avernus.
    • During the last six millennia, the hero's journey to the underworld of the dead has been a main part of epic storylines.
    • The concept of the dead travelling through the underworld in a boat is regularly depicted in the Valley of the Kings and the tombs of the Pharaohs.
    • I am a living breathing hormonal teenage girl though I would much rather prefer to be a living dead goddess of the underworld with no emotions at all.
    • To gain entrance to this forbidden domain she threatened to break down the gates of the underworld, free the dead and devour the living.
    • She also guides Persephone to the underworld and back twice a year and thus has a part to play in the seasons.
    • Alice asked, craving more answers from this plethora of magical knowledge Clay seemed to possess about the underworld and earth.
    • In the famous sixth book of the Aeneid, Aeneas travels to the underworld in search of his father, Anchises.
    • Both were mighty queens in the underworld where they cast light upon the dead in their darkness.
    • In the myth she was abducted by the God of the underworld, Pluto, and stolen away to his kingdom of Hades.
    • The last of the Titans, Typhon was the son of the earth and the underworld.
    • In the myth of the Orpheus / Eurydice saga, Orpheus was given a dispensation by Pluto to return his wife from the underworld (she had been bitten by a poisonous serpent and died).
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    the underworld los bajos fondos