Translation of undeserved in Spanish:


inmerecido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndəˈzərvd//ʌndɪˈzəːvd/


  • 1

    • As it happened, I actually had met Scott once or twice, and I can't say the honor was undeserved.
    • Jack dies and Will is left to feel that again the money is entirely useless, undeserved and with no real purpose.
    • I think they've got an undeserved reputation, and I think it's a shame to see what's happening with them.
    • The city's politicians and business leaders say it proves their dour reputation is undeserved.
    • She has insisted that her diva reputation is undeserved.
    • Having moved into the media, he gained an undeserved reputation for being laid back, when all he was actually displaying was a sense of perspective.
    • This airplane's bad reputation is entirely undeserved, but it helps keep the prices down.
    • Like many unprolific authors he has acquired an undeserved reputation for brevity.
    • He has an unenviable reputation for getting injured, which he claims is undeserved.
    • And sometimes you see other people having success and you feel cynical about that because it's undeserved.
    • There are miracles that happen every day, asked for and unasked for, deserved and undeserved.
    • But the pop princess was at pains to point out her reputation for tantrums is undeserved.
    • This is not to say their current rankings are undeserved or their upset wins were not legitimate.
    • It seems, though, the benefit of the doubt I afforded them was entirely undeserved.
    • The certificate of whisky-tasting we were all given was a little undeserved - no one in our party could finish the samples.
    • You could argue that such a destiny is unfair, unjust, undeserved, and maybe that's so, but such an argument is irrelevant.
    • The state tourism secretary says the city's reputation for street crime is undeserved.
    • I think this attack was unprovoked and undeserved, vicious, and mired in hate.
    • It is undeserved because they are doing a very good job.
    • She does point out, however, that the perception that the team failed, and the criticism that followed, was undeserved.