Translation of undeserving in Spanish:


de poco mérito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndəˈzərvɪŋ//ʌndɪˈzəːvɪŋ/


  • 1

    (person) de poco mérito
    (cause) poco meritorio
    to be undeserving of sth ser indigno de algo
    • And who decides who is undeserving, and deserving, or who is lucky and who is astute?
    • I guess that there has to be some sort of finality; the awards will be back next year, complete with deserving and undeserving winners.
    • Always err on the side of niceness until they prove themselves to be undeserving of your better side.
    • He is undeserving of such praise because what he actually produced was confusion.
    • But the undeserving poor, particularly those who showed no signs of changing their ways, were given harsh treatment.
    • Mr Williams and others who write to the papers contrive to imply that council staff are uniquely undeserving idle bureaucrats or lazy workmen.
    • The undeserving rich, some might say, although at least they've worked for their money… unlike some.
    • They are, as far as anyone can tell, bitterly hostile to the oligarchs, believing them to be the undeserving beneficiaries of resources that belong to the nation.
    • Once taken in by the upper society, he is given undeserving respect and a copious amount of bribes.
    • I wonder which undeserving news story will blow up to be huge next?
    • There are rumours about town that Rita and her family are planning to pack up and move their restaurant to some other undeserving locale.
    • Also, we wanted to ensure the money raised would be used cent for cent towards social work and not bleed away into the hands of those undeserving.
    • If his case doesn't justify asylum, then there are millions of undeserving asylum seekers living here under false pretences.
    • Yet it's possible that Edina may be even less forgivable as that most loathsome of types, the undeserving rich.
    • It's about time that we began to recognize that inherited wealth is equally undeserving of our reverence.
    • We must not blame the poor nor place them in categories of deserving or undeserving.
    • I'm not interested in whether or not they are married, or whether they are the deserving or undeserving poor.
    • I closed my eyes, refusing to see the torture being done to my poor, undeserving hair.
    • The problem here is that people object when randomly good things happen to undeserving people.
    • So companies settle for a lot less, but still give undeserving people money.