Translation of undetectable in Spanish:


imperceptible, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈtɛktəb(ə)l//ˌəndəˈtɛktəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (difference) imperceptible
    an almost undetectable scar una cicatriz que casi no se nota
    • An isolated black hole is, of course, undetectable, except by its gravitational pull - the way it distorts space in its vicinity.
    • It can often be dissolved in a drink and is undetectable.
    • The company claims this process takes just microseconds, making lag undetectable.
    • In four months of observation, this orbital movement would be so slight as to be undetectable from Earth.
    • He didn't hear what the soldier said, it was in a low whisper that was undetectable from his position in the room.
    • ‘You could have fraud on a scale never seen before, and it will be completely undetectable,’ he said.
    • I was beginning to get a little carsick, when we stopped with a slightly, almost undetectable, jerk.
    • Harmless and humane, the cats simply don't like the sound, which is undetectable to the human ear.
    • Rootkits are the ultimate backdoor, giving hackers ongoing and virtually undetectable access to the systems they exploit.
    • The word on the street is the drug dealer is about to import a huge quantity of altered cocaine that is undetectable to drug sniffer dogs.
    • He shrugged, and his eyes glimmered slightly with an undetectable sadness.
    • In doing so, he introduced an almost totally undetectable back door into the system
    • Further, if they are undetectable by their taste, smell, or colour their attractiveness as poisons is enhanced.
    • His eyes met mine in the rearview mirror… and lingered there, casting me a small undetectable smile.
    • And there's another sound, too: a low, whispering rumble, almost undetectable.
    • Both believed they were using an undetectable drug and would never be caught.
    • The extra risk of developing cancer from low doses of ionising radiation is so small that it is undetectable in the population.
    • Carbon monoxide is undetectable by the human senses: it is colourless, odourless, and tasteless.
    • Then, slightly with a barely undetectable motion, she ran her fingertips across his neck.
    • Even if such a phenomenon were to exist, it would generally be considered to be undetectable by available statistical methods.