Translation of undigested in Spanish:


no digerido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈdʒɛstɪd//ˌəndɪˈdʒɛstɪd//ʌndʌɪˈdʒɛstɪd/


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    (food) no digerido
    (knowledge) no asimilado
    • In any case, I'm not that big a fan of one-person shows, usually they are made up of raw, undigested material that the performer forces the audience to digest.
    • The horses leave bits of grain on the ground after they eat, and some undigested grain shows up in their manure.
    • A ‘leaky gut’ - a too-permeable gut wall, which allows in undigested food molecules - can cause symptoms redolent of candida.
    • An abundance of yeast disturbs your gastrointestinal mucosa, a protective barrier that helps prevent undigested food particles from passing into your bloodstream.
    • Food fibers are the part of plant foods that remain undigested.
    • But until such a work appears, France's Forgotten Legion offers an unbelievably rich source of undigested primary material for enterprising researchers to exploit.
    • We decided to put this Microsoft-provided information up undigested.
    • In order that this information does not remain buried amidst thousands of pages of undigested transcripts, the World Socialist Web Site is publishing a précis of the most important testimony given.
    • Four years earlier Bohr had left Manchester full of exciting but undigested ideas about the atom.
    • That, though, is no reason for Britain to rush ahead of the pack by putting an undigested treaty to a snap popular vote.
    • Stools of children with lactose intolerance tend to be acidic and contain undigested sugar.
    • Perhaps my ambiguity is a sign of undigested thought, but I don't deny it.
    • If there's food in your stomach, and blood rushes from there to your running muscles, the abandoned gut's response is often to cramp in the diaphragm or in the location of the undigested food.
    • A hospital found his innards to contain two balls of undigested food, with the sprouts the most likely culprit.
    • The political arena was left as a fertile ground for undigested political philosophies from political activists of humbler intellectual backgrounds like Kenneth Kaunda.
    • With splurges of undigested Freud and lashings of dud anthropology, these essays fail to convince.
    • You'll feel less full, even after large meals, and gas production will be diminished due to the reduction of undigested food in the colon.
    • She frequently regurgitated undigested food, which alleviated the pressure and chest discomfort.
    • He made a tour through England in 1535-43, intending his researches to be the basis of a great work on the ‘History and Antiquities of this Nation’, but he left merely a mass of undigested notes.
    • A deficiency in this enzyme results in incomplete digestion of complex carbohydrates, causing unabsorbed and undigested sugars to move into the large intestine.
    • Intestinal gas is typically caused by the fermentation of undigested food, such as plant fiber, in the colon.
    • It was the freshness of that opinion, and not the reporting of new undigested events that was significant.
    • The book feels rushed and one-dimensional; the history he details so well, undigested.
    • Mrs M would have to excuse herself from the dinner table to vomit undigested food, and this caused her embarrassment.
    • Chapter 2, on diversity, is also loaded with results, mostly from transect-type studies, that are presented in a fairly undigested manner.
    • These bacteria feed on undigested food particles and release gases during a process called fermentation.
    • Others say the Department's analysts need at least some undigested classified information to protect the nation's infrastructure.
    • The characters depict an urbanised animal world, set in the age of globalisation, where unlimited, undigested information and superficial multiculturalism are rampant.
    • And undigested food materials are formed into feces in the intestines and excreted from the body as solid waste in bowel movements.
    • It's responsible for extracting water and electrolytes such as sodium from undigested food particles and storing these waste products until they're eliminated through bowel movements.
    • In fact some sea creatures, sharks for example, are known to regulate their digestive juices, and may retain food undigested for days, even up to a week.
    • By calling for the return of listener's voices I am not suggesting that their undigested utterances will magically enlighten pop scholarship.
    • Quite simply, the translators/commentators have included too many undigested facts without substantive analysis and relevant synthesis.
    • This derives from a malign mix of undigested social psychology and post-1960s social relativism.
    • At the same time, the inflammation causes gaps to open between the mucosal cells, allowing the wholesale penetration of toxins, undigested food particles and other debris into the bloodstream.
    • All that puts me off being an owl is the way they cough up their undigested food - then again, we humans have some pretty bad habits too.
    • Your body mistakes undigested food particles for foreign invaders and releases antibodies to fight them.
    • The meal or snack consumed before competition or an intense workout should prepare athletes for the upcoming activity, and leave him or her neither hungry nor with undigested food in the stomach.