Translation of undiminished in Spanish:


no disminuido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈmɪnɪʃt//ˌəndəˈmɪnɪʃt/


  • 1

    no disminuido
    his strength remained undiminished no mermaron sus fuerzas
    • His innocence, his undiminished hope, are ultimately inspirational.
    • Speculation as to where the trend of interest rates is ‘really’ going is thus undiminished.
    • His excellence is undiminished with passing years.
    • And the passion which drives him to travel across the country seeking out the best beers, wines and cheeses for the shop is undiminished.
    • His hunger hasn't waned, his appetite for the game remains totally undiminished.
    • He is now in his 73rd year and, to judge from the current show of his new work, his creative capacity remains undiminished.
    • Company chief executives topped the table in both years, reflecting their undiminished earning power under New Labour.
    • He has quit since but his admiration for Griffin is undiminished.
    • His energy was undiminished, but refined to the level of delirium.
    • The appeal of the show, now in its 27th year, is undiminished, and it has a regular audience of about nine million viewers.
    • Our appetite for organic produce is undiminished, too.
    • However, their problems, far from being solved have persisted till today with undiminished intensity.
    • Parity restored, the impetus for victory was undiminished on both sides.
    • What remain are works of continuing interest and undiminished vitality.
    • Vidal's fascination with politics is undiminished.
    • However, our appetite for public humiliation remains undiminished.
    • Sure, my appetite for new music remains undiminished, but having to own, store and maintain this collection of stuff is getting to be a bit of a drag.
    • William, however, appears to have escaped not only unharmed, but with his appetite for soldiering undiminished.
    • His reputation was untarnished and his ambition remains undiminished.
    • Objectors have only five weeks to call for a judicial review, but they have warned their will to fight is undiminished.