Translation of undimmed in Spanish:


claro, adj.

Pronunciation /ənˈdɪmd//ʌnˈdɪmd/


  • 1

    (intellect) claro
  • 2

    (enthusiasm/spirit) duradero
    • The stars at night have a special brilliance undimmed by city lights and close to the door of the cottage there are glowworms.
    • Clarke says his enthusiasm for politics is undimmed, and that if his age excludes him from high office, then British politics has become a juvenile pursuit.
    • His ceaseless energy could therefore be read as undimmed vigour or rising panic, depending on your perspective.
    • The old magic glints undimmed in evocative details.
    • After nearly 11 years as chief executive, his confidence is undimmed.
    • Given his enormous and undimmed skills as a storyteller, that could have been a brilliant book.
    • The passion for policy discussion among Lib Dems continues undimmed.
    • At one point they literally have icicles hanging from their noses, while children toboggan down a slope beside them, but the clarity and beauty of their singing remains undimmed.
    • And the heartfelt power of its final moments, in which the point of the title is revealed, remains undimmed after nearly 80 years.
    • His first album since 1996 reflects his new-found sobriety, its country-rock sound revealing that his melodic sense is happily undimmed.
    • Beckett's enthusiasm is undimmed by the gruelling schedule his two jobs enforce.
    • But he insists his desire to win trophies is undimmed.
    • More than a week on and the power of the pictures shot on the morning of the attack remains undimmed.
    • A brain injury precludes his appearances on the ice these days, but no matter, his mental faculties remain gloriously undimmed.
    • No one, however, denied that this was a picture of breathtaking quality, a jewel of Renaissance art, whose gentleness and elegance comes down to us undimmed across the centuries.
    • ‘It's weird, but I've never felt like an actress,’ says Gallagher, in her undimmed northern accent.
    • He may be stepping down after 18 years in Westminster at the next general election, which is expected in May, but his passion for socialism remains undimmed.
    • But even through this uncertainty, Baxter's enthusiasm and wit, and his pleasure at being in France, remain undimmed.
    • The series officially ended in 1991, but regular repeat showings and a string of one-off Christmas specials has ensured its popularity has remained undimmed.
    • Unbelievably, it's 20 years old, but its freshness is undimmed and its vision unrivalled.