Translation of undismayed in Spanish:


impertérrito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌəndɪsˈmeɪd//ʌndɪsˈmeɪd/


  • 1

    undismayed by their reaction/by successive failures sin dejarse desanimar por su reacción/por los sucesivos fracasos
    • Singh's work is capable of negative discovery, and it can have a mordant mood, but it remains undismayed.
    • He was apparently undismayed by his party's expected inability to block the two-thirds majority.
    • By the end, we were reasonably tired and emotional, and were fairly undismayed to find that we'd come last.
    • He remained stonelike, unruffled and undismayed.
    • I will be courageous and undismayed in the face of odds.
    • Mr. Saturn met her eyes undismayed, chuckling.
    • Undismayed, they continued to fire at his position hoping to somehow hit him, even though he was completely covered.
    • I can't help being fond of him, he is so resourceful and undismayed, two of the qualities I like best.
    • I know that we shall not fail them; but fortified by the great experience in this war of our strength in unity, go forward with them undismayed into the future.
    • Quiet by nature, Fellows is fearless at the crease and his adventurous approach helped him to prosper while Vaughan seemed undismayed by all that had previously happened.