Translation of undisturbed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌəndəˈstərbd//ʌndɪˈstəːbd/


  • 1

    everything was left undisturbed no se tocó nada
  • 2

    (sleep) tranquilo
    she made sure he was undisturbed se aseguró de que no se lo molestara
    • Better still, the indigenous plants could have been left undisturbed and they would have survived the floods.
    • The many private ranches that have opened for safaris are a direct response to the demand for undisturbed game viewing.
    • The raiders were so quiet that even the Luddingtons' family dog was undisturbed by their activities.
    • Provided the material is hidden away and undisturbed, it presents no danger whatsoever.
    • If the bulbs are planted deeply it is possible to leave them undisturbed for two or three years although acid or neutral soil will have to be limed.
    • The untitled volume lay undisturbed for more than 150 years and was found during a clear-out.
    • Until that changes, the island will remain an undisturbed fragment of history.
    • Officials say undisturbed asbestos in a good condition can be safely managed and contained, and need not be removed.
    • That followed a complaint by the trust but he was never prosecuted and has continued to fish and farm the clams largely undisturbed.
    • At one point I sat for about five minutes, totally undisturbed in the small 1000 seat theatre.
    • However, all animals deserve an undisturbed and safe breeding season.
    • Mystery surrounds the death of a fun-loving man whose body could have lain undisturbed for up to six days at his home in Bradford.
    • It is a particularly good plant for a shady area where it can grow away undisturbed and give a beautiful display of creamy flowers in spring.
    • We need to find out if the whole site is undisturbed and unchanged.
    • The moon is a very quiet and undisturbed place compared to the earth.
    • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work undisturbed by others.
    • I was glad my host's wife and children were sleeping upstairs, undisturbed.
    • For me, I'd rather leave the fishes to enjoy their lives undisturbed.
    • Builders are adding a new wing to the already substantial house, creating an office where he can work undisturbed.
    • Cherry blossoms floated by on the breeze and looking up into the sky was like plunging towards an undisturbed pool of tropical water.
  • 3

    he seemed undisturbed by the rumors los rumores parecían no perturbarlo / preocuparlo