Translation of undulate in Spanish:


ondular, v.

Pronunciation /ˈʌndjʊleɪt//ˈəndʒəˌleɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • Most fish swim by laterally undulating or oscillating their body and propulsive caudal fin.
    • We undulated, we flowed, and if we didn't make it, it's not like we were missing anything.
    • The hay fields surrounding the old farmhouse undulated in the wild, untamed wind like green ocean waves.
    • As your body undulates with a powerful underwater dolphin, make sure your energy is directed forward by keeping the hands and arms as level as possible.
    • Will pumped his hands into the air and his body undulated.
    • Its metallic waves seemed to nearly undulate off the page.
    • The skies were clear, the horizons were infinite, the landscape rolled and undulated for miles in every direction.
    • The camera pulls further away, and the sea undulates in a deadly swell with the tiny dot of a man slicing through the center.
    • A minor shock wave undulated through me as I wondered how I could have possibly been out of it that long.
    • The plesiosaur, being a reptile, wouldn't undulate but move from side to side.
    • Between us was a sea of bodies, heaving and undulating in waves, to the bar, back again, to the bar.
    • Her face muscles contorted, her eyes turned black and her body began to undulate like a snake.
    • You feel nothing except the snow undulating and moving beneath you.
    • The serviceable track undulates and crosses many gullies, the trees are thinned, you can see out north over pretty fields, tightly bound by the curving wooded escarpment.
    • The future, although it flows in one direction, undulates with possibility.
    • You can almost see her seductive smile as she slows her dance until only her hips move, body undulating in place.
    • The sidewalk between the beach and road undulates with a wavelike pattern in black and white stone.
    • The dragon's serpentine body undulated like cloth in a fierce wind, nearly knocking Doriel off twice.
    • Some of them had steep, smooth walls that plunged into the sandy bottom, others undulated downwards.
    • The bridge's roadway undulates gently at first, then abruptly starts heaving and twisting violently until it finally breaks apart.