Translation of unearned in Spanish:


inmerecido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈərnd//ʌnˈəːnd/


  • 1

    (success/praise) inmerecido
    • Large publishers reported that unearned advances represented between 8% and 10% of turnover.
    • McDowell's versions of rural life can at times settle into unearned romanticism.
    • ‘Ah Dublin, you're giving it away,’ he wailed in the 55th minute, as the Dublin defence fluffed its lines yet again, giving Laois another unearned scoring opportunity.
    • I began to count the ways in which I enjoy unearned skin privilege and have been conditioned into oblivion about it existence.
    • It is little more than a long catalogue of police brutalities, riots, social upheaval, disgust and unearned shame.
    • I sincerely thank you for your time in reading this lengthy message, and for any assistance you give in putting my blog over the top and letting me live in unearned luxury for the rest of my life.
    • Largely, this can be explained by the embarrassment many of them feel about their obscene and unearned mega-fortunes.
    • Youth is the single most infuriating example of unearned status.
    • Having said all that, there's really no way of interpreting the Prince's memo as anything other than an off-guard defense of old-fashioned deference, unearned privilege and patronage.
    • No, it's one of those days where your own boon and bounty seem unearned, unfair, because other people are dealing with so much horror and sadness.
    • The second factor has to do with the debilitating effects of unearned privilege.
    • It is the arrogant and totally unearned presumption of smug superiority that infuriated people.
    • The real reality is we've had an unearned advantage by living here in this island and that advantage has gone away with the new technology.
    • The United States has opted to rely more heavily on schooling as a means for promoting individual fulfillment, enhancing social justice, and countering unearned privilege.
    • They'll never get that ballast of unearned privilege into space.
    • You do not have the unearned right to a new car, big screen TV or any other form of wealth.
    • Fortunately sport, at its grassroots at least, is not infested with false praise and unearned promotions.