Translation of unearthly in Spanish:


sobrenatural, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈəːθli//ˌənˈərθli/

adjectiveunearthliest, unearthlier

  • 1

    (calm/glow/silence/scream) sobrenatural
    (beauty) de otro mundo
    (beauty) celestial
    • There was something strange in that moment when she looked at him, something unearthly and mysterious.
    • There was an unearthly howl in the distance that chilled Zeya to the bone.
    • The wind unleashed another unearthly wail that sent a chill rushing through his entire body.
    • Then an unearthly, spooky, almost howling sound joined it.
    • The moonbeams caused the gems of elaborate jewelry to glow with an unearthly light, as if they possessed a heart pulse of their own.
    • She smiled at him, the glowing buttons casting an unearthly light on her face.
    • There was no other word to describe it but unearthly, and foreign.
    • They attempt to explore every avenue, but don't have any problems accepting that this mystery might have a unearthly solution.
    • It was human-shaped, tall and muscular, but it glowed with an unearthly blue light.
    • I put up my collages and paintings and calendars and messages, and then got some blue lights to give the room an unearthly look.
    • His dark eyes seemed to be contemplating unearthly mysteries, which is an unusual sight in one so young.
    • The ball shone with an unearthly light, further distressing the fish that had not yet discovered a way out.
    • Though as I got to the front window I almost wished that the men had got there first as there was something a bit weird and unearthly about the driver.
    • They were terrifying and unearthly, eerily bloodchilling as they invoked all evil spirits to possess them.
    • Whit turned to look at Solace, who was glowing with an unearthly light.
    • She turned back to the television screen, its unearthly blue light washing out her face.
    • Jake heard an odd, unearthly, high-pitched noise, and then the lights went back on.
    • The storm had passed by sunset, and then the world shone with an unearthly light out of a Turner painting.
    • And once they got by that, the stranger was greeted by an unearthly surprise.
    • It was - there is no other word for it - unearthly.