Translation of uneconomic in Spanish:


poco rentable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˌɛkəˈnɑmɪk//ˌənˌikəˈnɑmɪk//ˌʌniːkəˈnɒmɪk//ˌʌnɛkəˈnɒmɪk/


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    poco rentable
    • We have to sell some products at uneconomic prices in order to compete, but we do compete and we continue to improve our performance.
    • Even with price support such farms were uneconomic, so that French farming families were obliged to supplement their farm income with income earned outside farming.
    • Phone companies may complain that the kiosks are uneconomic, but just think of all the money they get from us in other, more modern ways, via mobiles and the like.
    • Diamond producer Namdeb is making progress on new projects that are aimed at finding new reserves and discovering ways of economically mining previously uneconomic reserves.
    • We simply cannot imagine an environment with greater ‘entrepreneur errors’ or the funding of more uneconomic enterprises.
    • This uneconomic tax policy represents a shift away from optimum fiscal principles.
    • Recovery is not going to be aided by encouraging cash rich companies to dissipate their savings by investing in uneconomic projects, nor by enabling bankrupt companies to borrow more money.
    • And, importantly, large numbers of uneconomic enterprises throughout the economy had disappeared.
    • The proposal would not only make execution-only services uneconomic, it would also throw a spanner in the works in respect of the provision of investment services over the internet.
    • This makes expansion beyond a few branches and ATMs uneconomic.
    • It is considered particularly attractive in remote areas, where it is uneconomic for telcos to invest.
    • State officials retained considerable economic control and allowed uneconomic factories and mines to continue operating.
    • Critics had attacked Bus Eireann for using uneconomic fares when seeking to compete with private sector operators.
    • The development of sophisticated means for fuel storage of hydrogen does not solve the main problem of the present uneconomic cost of producing hydrogen for the fuel cell.
    • Where the provision of a service is regarded as uneconomic, subsidies will be paid.
    • So he wants to increase taxes to make it uneconomic and unprofitable for airlines to offer cheap flights.
    • One of the world's largest mining companies, Rio Tinto Zinc, which discovered the Tyrone gold deposits 16 years ago, abandoned the site in the belief that its size was uneconomic.
    • The expansion in the southeast coal sector in the early 1980s was marginally uneconomic, generating a basecase loss of $89 million.
    • New insurers are, in effect, partitioned off from the higher value plans by virtue of the uneconomic pricing this would entail.
    • The IFA leader said cattle prices of 82p/lb are not viable and producers who bought stores last autumn or early spring are all losing serious money at this uneconomic price level.