Translation of unedifying in Spanish:


poco edificante, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɛdɪfʌɪɪŋ//ˌənˈɛdəˌfaɪɪŋ/


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    poco edificante
    • It is has been, and continues to be, an unedifying sight.
    • England have qualified for the Euro 2004 championship finals, but it was a passage to sunny Portugal darkened by one of the most unedifying weeks in the game.
    • Paradoxically, or is that hypocritically, the pursuit of political power as practised by individual politicians is highly unedifying, not to say unethical.
    • From the boardroom in his office he told me this year's player trading period was particularly unedifying.
    • The events at Somerset Park yesterday encapsulated the struggle for survival that Airdrie have been mired in for the past two years, and were every bit as unedifying.
    • ‘I have been staggered by the response of the Highland community to this unedifying spectacle of greed,’ said Morrison.
    • Her face was red, fumes came from her head and she was muttering very strong and unedifying words under her breath that were peeling paint off of the walls.
    • He's wrong of course as he has been throughout his whole unedifying politico-religious career.
    • But I care even more about the unedifying spectacle that followed.
    • Squabbles over the garden fence can be unedifying, and the relationship between sporting neighbours is more prickly than most.
    • What an unedifying spectacle we have before us.
    • Last night Adelaide viewers were faced with the unedifying sight of having their nightly TV news beamed in from Sydney.
    • The M&S fight has been an unedifying spectacle.
    • The circus of the last few weeks has been unedifying.
    • Here in Melbourne, listening to what's colloquially called, Drive Time Radio, is a singularly unedifying experience.
    • Since then, those who follow its fortunes have had little to observe beyond the continuing unedifying spectacle of very public settling of internal squabbles.
    • Already we have been treated to the unedifying sight of ministers calling on preachers to pledge their support for the incumbent president.
    • It is, to say the least, an unedifying spectacle.