Translation of unemployed in Spanish:


desempleado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnɪmˈplɔɪd//ˌənəmˈplɔɪd//ʌnɛmˈplɔɪd/


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    (person) desempleado
    (person) desocupado
    (person) parado Spain
    (person) en paro Spain
    (person) cesante Chile
    • An unemployed person can claim income support to live on and apply for help paying rent and council tax.
    • When I started my site I was unemployed or temping as a secretarial assistant in London.
    • Unless you are unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week you may have to pay for advice.
    • Poor and unemployed people of all origins, clustered around District Six, participated.
    • Once he took part in a large demonstration of unemployed people in Battersea.
    • We have businesses who need skilled employees and unemployed people who need work.
    • He was unemployed for three months and has now found a new job, but on a lot less money.
    • Millions of young, often well educated people are unemployed and face a bleak future.
    • There will also be money available for marketing and wage subsidies for firms hiring unemployed people.
    • In those days, crime was at a very low level, and the Minister knew every unemployed person by name.
    • It also hopes to get at least six unemployed people back into work.
    • There is also the growing underclass of young unemployed people who have little prospect of moving upwards.
    • Many people are not aware of their full rights and entitlements as unemployed people.
    • He is already repaying a loan he took and he was unemployed for eight months in 2004.
    • This is a regime which rules through military courts, while between six and ten million people are unemployed.
    • Young mums and unemployed people, as well as the elderly have complained they are not able to afford the new charges.
    • A lot of unemployed people come to the centre trying to get computer skills to improve their chances of getting a job.
    • Nearly one in ten people are unemployed in Germany, with almost one in five in the east.
    • The patient and the unemployed person are better described as beneficiaries of the service.
    • The courses are free for unemployed people, while wage earners pay a small fee.
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    (resource/plant) ocioso
    (plant/resource) sin utilizar

plural noun

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    the unemployed los desempleados