Translation of unenthusiastic in Spanish:


poco entusiasta, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌʌnɛnθjuːzɪˈastɪk//ˌənɛnˌθuziˈæstɪk//ˌʌnɪnθjuːzɪˈastɪk/


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    poco entusiasta
    • In Europe, the take up rate is an unenthusiastic 10 per cent.
    • So far, she seems to be unenthusiastic, and understandably so.
    • Estonians remain unenthusiastic about entering the EU.
    • I care as much as anyone about the name and fame of Basingstoke, but I am unenthusiastic about recent suggestions that the town could, or should, seek city status.
    • Puzzled by his unenthusiastic response and having nothing better to do, April changed her course and followed after him.
    • The response was just as unenthusiastic in Tokyo and Seoul.
    • Sarah Lancashire's popularity seems to be dipping in the light of the unenthusiastic response to Rose and Maloney.
    • The unenthusiastic response to conventional arts and science courses is a pointer to the lacklustre job opportunities available for such courses.
    • In 1997, black voters were decidedly unenthusiastic and stayed home.
    • Like those named above, I was unenthusiastic about that war.
    • She knew they were failures, and he read her disapproval in every perfunctory and unenthusiastic line of her letter.
    • Still, most people give it an unenthusiastic thumbs up.
    • An unenthusiastic student, he left school before his final exams, having filled his exercise books with doodles.
    • Her grandfather is proud that she is to attend his old stomping ground, but her father - a GP - is strangely unenthusiastic.
    • But Democratic officials contacted yesterday were unenthusiastic.
    • Carrie didn't pay attention to my unenthusiastic tone.
    • The class responded with an unenthusiastic response.
    • But in the Guardian, he sounds downright unenthusiastic.
    • Hotels outside the city remind you of renting a room from a polite but unenthusiastic friend.
    • She was unenthusiastic about the food, but she took it.