Translation of unethical in Spanish:


inmoral, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɛθɪk(ə)l//ˌənˈɛθək(ə)l/


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    poco ético
    • Not only was her action a breach of her visa but was highly unethical and morally questionable.
    • From an environmental point of view, I find eating meat completely unethical.
    • Half a dozen newspapers recently have fired reporters for dishonest or unethical reporting.
    • If one had no way to justify a particular immoral or unethical act, a law was passed to legalize it.
    • Many acts may look improper and unethical, yet there may have been a good reason for them.
    • Still, is it unethical or immoral to bring an extinct species back from the dead?
    • To so burden those people, and to continue to burden them, is not only wrong but immoral and unethical.
    • The following day, North accused his bosses of appalling, dishonest and unethical behaviour.
    • To deprive children of this most basic human right is unethical.
    • There were opposing views on how to protect the public from incompetent and unethical behaviour.
    • A business school course in ethics is hardly going to transform an unethical person into an ethical one.
    • And he also has plans to clean up big business by introducing a register of ethical and unethical businesses.
    • Facing the dilemmas of ethical behaviour in a decidedly unethical society is the harder choice.
    • It will be seen as unethical, unprofessional and will affect the decisions made at that level.
    • I have concerns about any unethical behaviour amongst any health professionals.
    • What you are complaining about might have been individual unethical behaviour.
    • Widespread as it may be, it is nevertheless a way of thinking that is profoundly amoral, unethical and indeed barbaric.
    • This does not make them unethical, dishonest people in life or their law practice.
    • However, breaking the law often starts with unethical behaviour that has gone unnoticed.
    • These things may be ethical or unethical, depending on the situation.